Dil Dosti Dance 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th March 2013 Written Update

Taani calls Rey but he doesn’t pick up (as he’s busy climbing the pipe to her room). He falls in and Taani asks him why he’s here at this time! He argues that it’s 1 in the next day and not 1 of night. He teases her into leaving but she stops him saying she hasn’t told him to leave. He goes to hug her but she moves back and both fall, breaking the table (and the laptop! But no reaction on the laptop 😮 ) Both start laughing and lay back on the bed, Rey breaking the bed as well. Taani reacts and is starting to pull him up but he’s pulling her down. Meanwhile, Swayam was hearing all the crash voices and finally concern getting the best of him, goes to check on Taani.

He opens the door tos ee Rey on the bed, Taani pulling him up but he pulling her down. Seeing Swayam, they immediately spring apart. Awkward moment follows. Taani is told to go out by Swayam and Rey tells Swayam as a typical Indian brother, he is not okay with him coming to meet his sister, Taani at this late in the night. Rey apologizes understanding why. Swayam tells him as a friend, he understands but he is her brother as well. Rey decides to leave, first through the window then goes through the door.

Once he leaves, Swayam tells Taani to go in and sleep instead of looking down with tears in her eyes. The next morning, Swayam parks his bicycle when Sharon’s car comes to a halt there. He greets her and both pass smiles to each other. She asks him why he seems as if morning isn’t good for him. He taunts saying finally she notices him! Then he calms down and apologizes for the outburst. An awkward moment follows as he tells her about last night’s event. Sharon puts aside his conflict by pointing out that he too has came in the middle of the night to her house and if she too had a brother… He understands, eases up and thanks her. They go to meet as Taani has called them all for an annoucement.

Taani comes there later and a video of VP congratulating them and announcing that they will be representing the college for National Dance Competition. Everyone rejoices. Then Taani, out of anxiety, reminds them of the various things they have to do, routines, forms, rehearsals etc. Everyone tells her they’ve done this before and they know. Sharon thinks it will clash with D3 team and brings that up as well.

A heated conversation between Sharon and Taani follow as Taani says they should put the college over D3 team while Sharon says D3 team is their career. She’s thinking of the future, unlike her. Sharon points out they could get events in the future and it will clash with the competition. The whole gang continues that events will give money. Taani says so they’re doing this all for money. Everyone gapes and say they didn’t say that but she did! Rey calms them all down (I kinda didn’t like this part. Rey, as a boyfriend, supports Taani. Good. But as captain of D3 Team? As a dancer? He should have seen the problems in the points Taani was making as well. It is the gang’s choice whether to represent the college or not! While the D3 team is their career, like Sharon pointed out. Therefore, naturally, everyone would and should feel more for the team. Yes, competition is a good opportunity for them but that doesn’t mean to neglect team as a whole.)

VP calls Sharon, Taani, Rey and Swayam in his office. He asks them who the captain will be as they are going as a team, not Dazzlers and Weaklings. They realize how for the first team, there is no gap between them! In canteen, everyone votes for Rey naturally as he’s good captain. Taani opposes thinking that if Rey becomes captain, he won’t give her time. Everyone says why not Rey? Even Swayam points out that he was only captain of Weaklings because he was forced to. He didn’t have a choice back then. But for this bigger team, we do and it should be Rey. Taani leaves abruptly saying she’ll give VP the decision. Rey leaves behind ehr to find out what’s wrong.

The boys (minus Swayam) discuss how he needs permission for girlfriend for being a captain too! Swayam says it could be that Taani is opposing as GS since Rey is AGS as well. Sharon supports her and the boys are shocked upon this, teasing Swayam. Sharon bent down to get something so she didn’t see the boys. Boys abruptly stopped when she looked up hearing Swayam’s scolding voice.

Outside, Rey stops Taani. Both talk in the FE. Taani tells him that from AGS, D3 captain, he hardly finds time for her. If he becomes team captain as well, will he be able to give any time for her? Rey understands that and listens to her, thinking she is right for worrying about their relationship and he hasn’t been fair to her for neglecting her. (If I may say something, I would say Taani is being selfish here. Yea sure, she has the right to have her boyfriend to herself. But even before they had met [first time], she knew the person Rey was! She knew his popularity. She knew he was loved and she had accepted him that way. She loved him that way only. And now suddenly, she’s deciding what he should and should’t do? Doesn’t make sense to me. She’s telling Rey all this because she wants him to give time to her? And few minutes ago, she was telling Sharon that college was important. Where did this logic go all of a sudden? According to her first logic, TaaRey should learn how to manage (as she told Sharon to manage D3 team) and then if not possible, put captaincy as priority (like she told Sharon to give competition and college priority).

Taani leaves with this tantrum and Rey remembers all the time when he gave priority to friends and team over her.

Precap: Rey saying Swayam should be captain. Vicky saying now they’ll ahve to take orders from weaklings! Sharon asks where did this W vs D come from?! Dazzlers saying the line never did go. It was always there. Rey goes to Taani, mad, says I hope you’re happy now. Taani rebukes saying she didn’t ask him to do this if he didn’t agree with her (Jeez, what is Taani doing? First, she makes Rey guilty for not giving her time. So when he does give her time, she says this? I have never been this mad at Taani ever before as I am today. And I won’t hide that. Other times, I accepted Taani as there was sense from her POV. But this time, there is no sense. POV toh bohut door ki baat)

Update Credit to: Khushii

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