Dil Dosti Dance 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th June 2013 Written Update

Rey is in the locker room thinking about what Taani has said.He says she told it so easily.What must he do to make her.He thinks of perfumes and decides the other way around and chooses Dresses.He plans getting new one as Taani will notice him then.The gang is in classroom having fun and dancing when Neha asks Sharon did she speak with Swayam regarding Jashn.Sharon gets hyper and says what does she mean by this she does not speak with Swayam silently. Simmi explains to Sharon what Neha meant and Sharon says she will speak. The girls started rehearsing few steps when Swayam came near Sharon and told her that if she acts like this all ill come to know.Sharon asked what will they come to know.Swayam told thats which is between us.

Rey comes in just then and gang is shocked seeing him dressed.Swayam asks him why is he dressed so.Rey says its all Tashn.Girls like it.Swayam says why did not you let me know even I would have changed accordingly.Rey says yours has started mine is yet to start.Dont do as I do.They were discussing what will happen as Taani has gone to meet the officials.Nilesh says if they had not called it would have been an issue but when they called it shall not be much of an issue.Taani enters the NDC room where two more GS of fellow college enters and sits.The president of the team comes in and greets.He informs as these three teams has similar scores in past levels of NDC and since one team has stepped down due to personal reasons they need to say why their team is good.The person asks Taani to start and she starts saying whatever I sy about my team shall be less.She gets permission to show the video and shows the performance to them.The other two teams to speak for them and the meeting ends there.

The team completes the rehearsals and moves from there.They were in the corridor when Barath says dance rehearsals for Jashn are over now lets move to canteen and have something.They all move.Swayam tells Sharon he needs to speak with her and pulls her into a empty classroom.Sharon is about to ask him when Swayam says “Kal tumne kaha maine suna aaj mai kahunga tum sunogi..Bahut chupalaya sab se khud se tumse dur nahi rey sakta.Kal jo maine suna tha kya woh sach tha.Did you mean it.Sharon nods her head.Kitne time se wait kar aha tha tumse yeah kehene ke liye.”(Yesterday I heard you and today you will listen to me.Its Enough of hiding it from the rest and from ourselves.What I heard yesterday is it true.Did you mean it Sharon.Sharon nods her head to it.Swayamsays he had been waiting for so long to hear this and tell this to you)Swayam takes out a marker from his pocket and writes O V in Sharon’s hand.The letters L and E are present in his hand.He joins both hand and says from behind that he Loves her.Sharon moves forward faces him and replies that she loves him too.The background song is Chayea tum kuch nah kaho.Swayam asks we are official now can I ask you something.He draws two faces over his fingers and shows it to Sharon.Sharon inter-vines them and hugs him tightly.Swayam hugs her back.They speak about few details.Sharon hugs him back and then says she wants to tell this to everyone.

Swayam stops her and says not so soon.May be you will regret it later.Sharon says why wold she.This time its all true.Swayam says we have to learn from the past as past affects the future.Taani just walks into the college and thinks that she has to speak with the team now.

Precap:Taani and Rey dancing while Taani scolds Rey after that.She calls for a team meeting to inform.VP comes in then

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