Dil Dosti Dance 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th December 2013 Written Update

Vicky asks permission to enter the class just before 5 minutes .The professor says students do this roam around and come when class is about to end.The professor is about to take attendance when bells rings and Vicky runs out of class..The gang is in rehearsal hall thinking will they come.Their time will be wasted when Nilesh starts searching for his phone which is unavailable. Barath rings Nils mobile. Simmi is about to move out of college when Nil
‘s mobile rings and Simmi takes it up. Simmi is messaging her online friend when Nil mobile starts beeping.Getting disturbed Simmi checks it and finds it as her mobile.She recognizes it as she has been speaking with Nil for so long. Simmi thinks does Nil know and walking by corriodr when Nil meets Simmi and gets his phone. Simmi

tells it was in class. Nilesh asks did she check his messages when Simmi nods in negation saying she respects privacy. Nil tells he is going to meet her this weekend and is excited. Simmi thinks so he does not know its her.

The gang is in the rehearsal hall when Kriya says they need to have two hours rehearsals.Barath says they are not machines,Sharon stops saying Annual day is about to come They need to work hard.Kriya thinks seems like Rey is not here and wants to irritate me. Sharon says there will be one trio and one duet performance..Kriya tells she seems since its Annual day group performance will be better. Nil tells its good idea.Rinni tells it out loud that Nil likes the idea.Rey agrees to it and so does Swayam.Sharon thinks everyone is agreeing to Kriya.Rey asks Sharon and she nods her head.So they decide on a group and duet performance. Sharon says since Kriya has lot of responsibility duet will be managed by her and Swayam . The gang gets a shock. Swayam thinks this is the first time Sharon is asking to dance with me. Sharon suggests we will start with duet when Kriya suggests to start with group as it needs coordination. The gang agrees and they start rehearsing after doing the steps Kriya clears few mistakes of each and when she points at vicky’s mistake he says as soon as you came you are ordering.Sharon tells yes Kriya.When Rey and Swayam see her she says what Kriya told is right.They must be ready to take positive criticism. The gang starts again when Kriya moves towards Rey. Rey stops and asks her to tell if mistake.Kriya says she just came and they start again.Kriya decides to leave for the day when everyone moves out. Rey is the last one to move ad Kriya Thanks him.

Rey is sitting near the Basketball court thinking what is happening when Sharon comes.He asks Sharon if she wants to tell something when Sharon Thanks him for attending the rehearsals. Rey says he is doing this for college reputation. Vp sir told him if Kriya goes now colleges reputation will go and hence he is doing it.Once he gets a investor no one can force him.Sharon asks it is Stop gear arrangement and Rey nods. Rey tells Vp asked him to stop Kriya and he had no choice .Sharona asks Kriya being hurt when Rey asks you of all of them is asking me about Kriya when did you start caring for her.Do you think she will be good friend.Sharon thinks she must tell Rey the truth.Sharon tells few friendships are not from heart but mind.She tells she needs to tell him something. Rey asks her to carry on.Sharon tells Swayam does not speak with me.Even in Taani’s engagement I tried a lot. She has finally decided that Swayam when rey sees Swayam coming to them and tells it loudly come Swayam. Sharon stops her talks and Swayam comes and asks she wanted to speak with him.So let him drop her.They are about to move when Rey says he will continue the talks later with Sharon.

Sharon in her home thinking I did friendship with Kriya for my means to get close close to Swayam.Kriya is not as bad as I felt She is not behanji.I made a wrong opinion.She is trying to befriend with everyone.Trying hard for Annual day performance and dedicated to her passion Dance.That is her best quality.We must give her a chance to prove herself. Kriya is in her room when she is speaking to her mo that she has got a chance to prove herself.Sharon with whom there used to a lot of issues back then is now supporting her and that is how workshops are being handled. She thinks her mom is asking universe ji to solve the issues of rey and her friends.The task for which I have come here gets fulfilled. Swayam in his room thinks Sharon has changed lot.Are things changing around.Has Sharon changed if not why would she support Kriya.He thinks must he give Sharon a chance. Rey at him remembers the rose day slap and incidents that followed. He thinks a chance was given but pulled back too. If one got a chance to prove themselves its Kriya.Even his number will come and when his comes she will fail.

Precap : Swaron dance. Rey hurts Kriya.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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