Dil Dosti Dance 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon turns around and notices Swayam and Huma whispering. Swayam smiles and tells Sharon she is asking about rehearsals, he tells Huma that she will get the mail about rehearsal. Sharon hands her the file, and Huma leaves. Sharon comes to Swayam, he notices Huma looking worried. Swayam asks are the performance costumes ready. Sharon says I checked it all.
Raghv was reluctant in taking Ishika’s plate, but Vicky and Nil come to take the plate. They ask Raghv why is he without the traditional dress. Raghv says I am sorry and I will change right here. They all stop him and sends him to the changing room, taking Ishika’s plate.
Huma comes to Swayam, who was busy in the arrangements in the college. She asks did you talk to Sharon. He says he will tell you after talking. Huma shouts when will he, her mother is going to come here tomorrow. Swayam tells him not to get hyper, as everyone is watching. Swayam was busy, and asks she wants him to tell her a lie. Huma promises it is the last time. Swayam says that she is lying to hide her one lie, and to hide it she will tell another lie, he can’t help her. She stops her way, and pleads that he is her mentor and must help him get out of this problem. Karma watches her head to toe. Swayam asks Huma to go out of the boy’s locker room, Karma remarks she is used to come here. Swayam was reluctant to her touch and says she will talk to Sharon. Karma wonders what it can be, and asks Swayam what the drama queen did?
Raghv comes dressed in a larger Karta, Ishika laughs making fun of him. Ishika tells him she gave his meal to seniors, and gets another plate for him. He heads to the table, and begins eating. He says it is really hot, Ishika gives her a glass and he drinks from her hand. She says that he must save some huger for evening; he asks is she taking him on date. Ishika tells him that Vishnu, I and you are going on dinner tonight. There is a call to be in the auditorium. VP bids Independence Day to the students. Huma comes to stand with Swayam, and asks did he talk to her. Swayam says I will, in a moment. Swayam takes the group to get ready. Huma was worried and hopes Swayam helps her, while Karma thinks isn’t she creating another problem for him. The VP announces a performance by seniors, they all perform. Huma runs towards them.
Vishnu asks Ishika did she invite Raghv. Ishika thanks him to think about her friends. Raghv comes there, Vishnu shakes his hand. Ishika asks to order. Vishnu says that I know about Ishika, as she likes lemonade. Ishika says that today I have to drink lassi. Raghv says that he also loves Lassi, and will have it too. Raghv asks Vishnu how the girls at your office are. Vishnu says he must feel jealous, as he got brain tumour. Raghv gets a cough. Vishnu says that I know a good doctor to consult; Ishika also insists he has to go to the doctor. Ishika places the order. Raghv gets worried.
Sharon was feeling tired, Swayam comes to give her shoulders some good massage. She says she was thinking that we danced together inspite from being different academies. Swayam says we were never different, we have always been one. Swayam asks her for dance. She asks for music, he places her hand on his chest; they begin the dance. Sharon says thanks for taking me to my dream world. Swayam says this isn’t dream world, but reality. He asks if he can ask her for anything? She says anything for you? He says that will she go on coffee date with him, she says he doesn’t need to be so formal for their dates. Sharon says she has kept rehearsals tomorrow. Swayam says that for her students, she will overlook her boy-friend. Sharon comes to him, tells him to stop being mello-dramatic and says he must drop her here by 6. Swayam thinks Huma must bring her parents before 6.

PRECAP: Huma dances in the rehearsal hall. Raghv confesses to Ishika about his lie regarding brain tumor, she slaps him in front of the class.

Update Credit to: Sona

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