Dil Dosti Dance 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam asks Karma and Huma to develop chemistry. Huma whispers, only till the dance mania. She assures Swayam aloud that they will work hard. Before leaving, Swayam says to Karma that if we get late for rehearsals tomorrow, you will drop Huma. She says she has to buy a few things, she will manage. Vicky notices their body language and thinks there is something wrong.
Sharon announces in the class, that Ishika won’t be in the class. She says she will have to select someone else and was about to announce the new student when Ishika calls for permission to come in. She apologizes Sharon for being late. Raghv was serious, and in a bad mood. Sharon asks to begin the couple dance, but Raghv was reluctant for the eye contact. He throws Ishika down while spinning. Sharon scolds them to lose eye contact and calls to bring in chemistry. She says we must speed up, and leaves the class. Raghv hits Ishika while leaving, he says sorry. She says it is your favorite word. She says you should keep in mind I came back doesn’t mean I forgave you. He says I did not forget anything and leaves.
Swayam was in the corridor and says that the routine you have kept is so simple. We must learn some new tricks, and moves. Swayam says that I know you are concerned, but this time trust me. Karma calls from behind that he doesn’t have trust, either on him or on D3. Sharon calls ‘then don’t’do this. ’. Swayam stops him, but she says that how he can talk like this. She says to him that you are a student, and Swayam is a teacher. Karma says that you must not talk in what is academy’s business. Sharon reminds him that yesterday it was your academy, today it is the corridor. He looks around, Sharon asks Swayam to go. Swayam says to Karma that they will discuss about his ideas in the academy.
Raghv teased Huma for eating the burger. She says she is frustrated to hear her ammi’s ideas. She says she doesn’t seem to be, but she isn’t that bad. Raghv assures her she doesn’t look bad. He says sometimes we have to stand against the family. She asks when you got so sensible. He says you must spend some more time with me than Karma. She says this will be a headache for me. He says these days I am in a head ache, finds enemies everywhere. She laughs asking who told him to change Karma’s roll no.
Sharon shouts at a student who hits Swayam while doing upstairs. She says one should not always be sweet; why you heard to Karma? He says that he is strong as he isn’t effected by what people say to him. Karma is insecure, so he is frustrated. Sharon says if everyone becomes so tolerant, world will be a beautiful place. He asks should we talk about ourselves. Sharon kisses him on face.
Karma requests the administrator that he submitted the application and his marks will be ruined. The officer hands him both the papers, he thinks this is it. Raghv! You are finished.
Huma says you do crazy things to Raghv. He says he is already much tensed. She leaves for library; Ishika looks at him, but turns around to hit bicycles. Her dress gets into the cycle and she begins struggling with it. Raghv comes near, she peeked at him arriving but he leaves.
Swayam made the team rehearse. He tells Huma to try again. Karma asks about his turn, Swayam says it was right. They retake, Swayam again points Huma’s mistake. Karma asks about his mistake, Swayam again takes him for-granted. Karma doesn’t do it in the next take, Swayam asks him to. The do the practice, Swayam stops him that there shouldn’t be a turn or they won’t be able to take the next step. Karma says there must be, for sure. Swayam and Karma confronts each other.

PRECAP: VP says this behavior is intolerable to Raghv, Karma was there too. Raghv’s daddu comes and introduces himself. VP complains about Raghv’s cheating, Dadu slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: Sona

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