Dil Dosti Dance 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rey favors Karma, he says that he also felt anger but whatever happened next changed his mind. He could have told the police the next morning they beat him. Sharon says that they never ditched anyone. Rey tells them that he gave the half of money to Huma’s parents, he feels ashamed of what he did. Karma says I am sorry guys and heads to leave. Swayam stops him, comes to him and hugs him. They all come to abide by.
Raghv hears Ishika saying Vishnu, leave my hand and leave. He runs calling her, and finds out it was her tactic to make him listen her. He asks who she, to interfere in his personal life is. She says she is his friend. He heads to leave, but she stops her way and begin the rehearsal. Raghv shouts and says that everything isn’t a joke. He gets a head ache and gets unstable. He falls down, while Ishika gets worried. She calls Sharon crying, and tells her that Raghv has got unconscious. Sharon says that she coming while she must take her to medical room.
Sharon and D3 come to see Raghv. The doctor says that due to exertion, he got a low blood pressure and got fainted. They make fun of him, while Ishika tells Raghv not to speak much as he is having weakness. They all taunt her for saying this. Dida and Dadu come worried, Ishika says thank God you people have come. Swayam asks them all to leave.
Rey tells everyone that they have to leave tomorrow. Sharon hopes there is clean drinking water. Rey tells her that they are going to solve a problem, so they must adjust. They all head to leave, Rey tries Kriya’s number and says till when she will cut his phone, he won’t give up.
Ishika tells Dadu that the party was fun yesterday. Dadu asks she is looking a bit odd, Raghv heads to leave. But Ishika tells him that she drank last night, she didn’t know it was alcohol. Dadu asks was alcohol allowed in college’s party? Ishika says it wasn’t allowed, Raghv had done a prank. Dadu scolds Raghv, but he says that his dad lost his life but not because of alcohol but his anger.
Swayam and Sharon packed. Rey comes there, they discuss how many bags are there. Rey says he asked the other’s not to bring the bags, as Sharon is packing for all of them. Sharon comes with some more bags, and says this is the test of her best friend and husband to be.
Dadu tells Raghv to sit down, he argues. Dadu says that they must listen to him, he didn’t die because of his fight. He says he didn’t drank because of my scolding, but he had scolded him because he came to office drunk. Raghv doesn’t accept the truth, but Dadu cries that he had become alcoholic, was scolded and passes away before age. Raghv goes to hug Dadu. Ishika cries watching this.
Simmi says that they will thank Sharon for so much preparation. The juniors come there, to congratulate them. She tells them that after years Raghv had their family patch-up, so she came here alone. They tease her about Raghv, she denies any such thing while Sharon says they like whatever is happening.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam enjoy with the whole group. They car stops by, Rey says the tire has gone flat.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hey !! Can anyone tell me ki kriya kha hai aur ray-kriya ke relationship ka kya hua……
    Plzzzzzzzzz tell me ……….

  2. Nihar i think where rey went with kriya for kriya’s treatment kriya is there and as rey said in the show that kriya said to ray to move on because kriya can’t be well now and that’s the reason !

  3. Sorry i wrote nihar instead of nikhar !

  4. Its ok Aisha nd thanxxx for telleing ur point of view ……. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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