Dil Dosti Dance 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The D3 was quiet. Sharon asks if anyone has problem with her decision they must tell her, if not she distributes the duties. She divides the duties among everyone. Swayam leaves, Sharon leaves too.
Karma asks Huma why is she shouting, on the bike. She was looking at the balloons, and asks Karma to tie them to his bike. She requests him not to forbid her, as it is her childhood dream to tie them on her bike, and hers and his bike is the same. Karma thinks that fighting Huma was better. He says warily, that is fine. Huma runs to the vendor and asks for ten balloons. He shouts in awe.
Sara and Rey discuss they are in big problem. Sara says to Rey that she doesn’t think they are going to have a patch up soon. Rey asks her to talk to Sharon. Sara says she isn’t ready to listen to her, they must give Sharon and Swayam time to come to their understanding; just the way he do to Kriya. She apologizes that she doesn’t want to hurt him. He says it is okay.
Rey talks to sponsor about the musical, he disconnects. He discusses it to Sara, she says when Sara is with him, everything will be fine. She takes him to have fun with shopping.
Sharon gives Sara cards, Sara asks when was it decided to have couple entry. Sharon smiles, that this is her decision. Sharon says she wants to see whom Swayam comes with. Sara asks whom will she go with. Sharon says there will be a line of boys to go on date with Sharon Rai Prakash.
In the morning, Sara comes to Rey’s house. He shares his omelet with her. She tells them that party is a couple entry. Rey asks when it was decided. CHintoo asks what party, and asks them to go too. Sara says it is elder’s party, he will get bored; and there will be couple entry. Chintoo says he has a friend in village, who can come with her. Chintoo insists he wants to go, but they say they will take him to the next party. Chintoo leaves the table, saying he doesn’t want to eat.
Raghv comes to Ishika’s room and says sorry Ishika, the joke about brain tumor has become reality but he doesn’t have the courage to tell her so he has written it in the letter. He places the gift on the bed, when Ishika comes out of bath. He says he brought the gift, she says she can’t accept any gift from him. He hides the letter, and says if she doesn’t accept the gift he will think she hasn’t forgiven what happened in the past, she must accept the gift. She takes it, and asks if she knows the party is a couple entry. He asks will she be his date in the party, she says she is sorry she can’t be his date. He leaves, saying it is ok and thinks outside how to tell her about his illness.
Swayam looks for the file with D3 lay out. He finds it when a girl comes asking is this D3 Academy. The girl says she has heard about the merger, but she was a part of St Luois but their academy won, so she came to see it. She tell him she heard a lot about him, and their breakup. She asks him if he will be her date, Swayam denies. She says it is her dare and requests him. He agrees.
Huma comes to Karma’s home, he had just come out from bath. She struggles and enters the house and says she was surprised he goes this way at home. He is being shy, when she teases him and smiles. She complaints he didn’t ask about coffee too. He says there is no milk at home. She smiles that he is really dumb. She asks about the party, he says they are going together. She complains will he ask her this way. He asks her for the date, she request on him to give her dress to a tailor for alteration. He says that market is really far away, they can give it to another tailor. She gets annoyed, that it is an expensive dress. He agrees, she hugs him He thinks she is a curse on her. He asks her for the address, she says he must ask anyone in the market about Master Akhter. He gets worried that it’s a big market.
They all discuss about the arrangements, Simmi marks the list. Vicky asks where the juniors, Raghv, Huma and Ishika come there. They ask about Karma, Huma says he will be here in a while. Simmi asks to check the preparations.
Sharon chooses a dress, she remembers that when he gifted her the gift she felt she is the most special person in the world. Kaka brings coffee, she gives the dress for his daughter and says there is no place for anything belonging to Swayam in her life.

PRECAP: Sharon says she doesn’t think Swayam will come to party as it is a couple entry. Swayam arrive with the girl.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i dnt knw y is it tat everytym sharon acts so dumb ??
    Swayam way to go dude (y)

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