Dil Dosti Dance 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st August 2013 Written Update

Aditya tries to convince Swayam that he is a lead material and if he agrees to be a back up dancer nobody will recognize his talent.He is not a weakling.Swayam replies to him that he is a weakling by choice.He wants to stay away from the limelight ,his focus is dance not limelight .If a person has talent it will be recognized even as a back ground dancer.Swayam gets a call from Sharon during the meeting.He takes the calls saying its urgent.Swayam leaves the RH to answer the call.Aditya thinks Swayam is an analyst whereas is Rey is impulsive.One is composed ,other one gets excited with things.He has to break this bond between Swayam and Rey.

Scene shifts outside RH where Swayam is talking to Sharon on call.Swayam compliments her saying she has a great timing.Sharon asks him why he is sounding tensed.Swayam teases her saying Chicken pox has made her smart.She can read his mood so well.She replies to him saying she can always sense his mood as she loves him so much.Swayam asks her the reason of her call as she has called so early.She says there is a news for him but for that he has to solve a riddle .She will be messaging him the riddle after the call.After finishing the call Swayam gets the riddle from her and he tries to solve it.

Scene shifts to canteen where Rey and gang(except Swayam) are having treat for Rey’s success.They overeat in the party.Swayam reaches there and asks them for rehearsal.Gang responds saying it will take whole day to digest the food .Gang leave the place.Rey asks Swayam how did the meeting go and did Swayam accept Aditya’s offer of being a lead.Swayam looks surprised when Rey mentions Lead when the offer was really of a back up dancer.He senses Aditya’s wrong intentions .He tries to tell Rey but Rey looks very excited .He hopes everything goes well as its the best launch for the team.He says he didn’t believe Adtya in the 1st meeting but later the press conference and media activities assured that this is the best launch.This offer has given his life a new direction and focus .He is happy that even Swayam will be a lead.Swayam asks him what about the team.Rey says he is hopeful that everyone will get chance one by one.Swayam tries to make him understand that trusting Aditya blindly is not right.But Rey becomes emotional and says he really needs his friends in this venture .He don’t want to be alone again .After Taani left him he was all alone.Swayam supports him and they leave for RH.

Scene shifts to RH where Aditya goes to meet the gang.He asks them to show their solo dance so that he can know their styles better.Gnag answer him that they have overeaten in Rey’s treat .Aditys tries to manipulate the gang and says why did Rey did this when he knew about his plan for solo dances.Gang become confused about Rey’s intentions.Aditya tells them he has got a posnsor for a Video Album .Now they have to decide a theme and come back to him with routine.After that Aditya leaves RH.

Gang meets Rey outside RH .They ask him why did he hide the thing from them and made them overeat so that they can’t dance.Rey tells he didn’t know about the solo dance plan.Gang believes him.Swayam joins them.They discuss the theme for music video.Rey wonders why didn’t Aditya informed him about the album when Swayam and gang know about it.He thinks Aditya might have forgotten to inform him.

Scene shifts to classroom where all are thinking about themes and giving suggestions.Neha suggests romantic theme and Simi suggests 7 wonders theme.Rey teases her saying they can’t get Taj mahal on the stage.He tells everyone to think simple theme and execute it properly.Swayam who is busy with Sharon’s puzzle decodes it and gets to know Sharon is coming back tomorrow.He starts jumping with joy.Gang thinks he got a theme but Swayam says Sharon is coming back tomorrow.Gang asks how Swayam knows about Sharon.Rey manages them saying he informed Swayam.Rinni hopes to make Sharon’s welcome special.Vickey says even he has same deseise but they didn’t welcome him in special way.To which Swayam replies Sharon is a girl and they are more concsious about these things.He says he wants to make her welcome special so that she forgets her illness completely.They decide to do a come back dance for sharon.Rey tells them that they have to think the theme for the album.Gang responds saying friendship is more important than work.

Precap:Gang preparing for Sharon’s welcome back dance.Swayam asks Rinni and Simi to give him soem lines as he don’t want to be in the background in her welcome back.Glimpses of Sharon along with Sharon’s corner.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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