Dil Dosti Dance 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st April 2013 Written Update

The girls as Sharon what is she doing.She says when it is filled she will let them know..Swayam comes up and the gang asks him to come in.He asks if she is fine the gang says she was hyper we came and made her ok,Sharon thanks them that they have come when she needed them the most.The girls says aww for which the boys respond with ewww.The plan to play as all are together.Sharon feels now she has to learn to stay without Rey.

Rey and Taani are in the projector room.He scolds her for speaking so with her brother.Taani says that Sharon was wrong
and She cant understand from which angel is she wrong.Rey says guess you have decided.Do what you want.As a AGS I’ll follow you.Rey is in the locker room washing his face remebering the event.The guys enter and push vicky into the washroom.
The guys were standing at the door and Rey and Swayam say it is disgusting.Sharon messages Swayam that they have been offered a cooperate event.Rey feels Sharon did not message him.
The girls see a notice in the board that reads Sharon is not the Cs.The boys are happy and girls sad..
they all plan for a group meet.Girls tell Sharon’s news to the guys.The whole gang is shocked.Swayam remembers the conversation with Taani.Rey feels Taani
has done too much.
Taani is in room discussing something with the committee when Rey says he needs to speak with her.
She says she is buys and later.Rey tells it must be done now.The guys move out.Taani asks them to wait yet they
move out.She asks Rey will he force her now.

Swayam keeps on calling Sharon.She ignores as she is in a meeting.The manager speaks with her a bid harshly
and says payment will happen happen only after they see the performance.Sharon agrees and moves out.She reaches college.Swayam speaks with her and they decide to speak in the projector room.Rey and Taani speak when Rey says you did not bother about others feeling.you did what you wanted to do.Taani replies saying and you dont understand.It was Sharon who did this even before I complained to authorities.I just did the work of putting up the notice.

Swayam asks why did you do this Sharon.She says she is happy.When she has responsibility ad she can fulfill its not right .She says that she is happy and asks will he ask even if she is happy.Swayam says that he wont.Sharon asks is he excited about tomorrows event.And explains all what she has planned.Swayam says but you must have informed Rey about it.Sharon says Rey is too busy in his life.Swayam says will she hear to his POV when she listens to him.

He says that he does not want to be the replacement of Sharon.Sharon says that she does not think so at all.Taani and Rey are in class room when Rey says My best friend did not inform me and my girlfriend did not feel the need to inform me too.

Precap: Taani says that she understood how much important is she in Rey’s life.
Rey says that he wont dance tomorrow.The gang tries to make him agree.Sharon gets her asthma attack.Simmi says that only Rey is not here but the rest gang is with her

Update Credit to: asmaju

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