Dil Dosti Dance 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th September 2013 Written Update

Boys abuse Rey in front of Swayam.Swayam becomes angry and warns them.He tells them not to say anything bad about Rey.Rey enters the room and confronts Swayam.He tells Swayam he can’t tolerate anything against Rey but can’t forgive also.He pleads in front of Swayam to forgive him.If he will loose Swayam’s friendship ,he will loose everything.Swayam finally melts at his words and hugs Rey.He says Rey if he will slap him next time,he won’t stay calm.Rey says him,he will break his own hand but won’t stop Swayam.

Next Day gang reach Mumbai and all are in good mood.Rey notices their smiles and thanks god for helping him.He looks at smiling Swayam and thinks after friendship he has to unite love.Rey says now both his best friends Swayam and

Sharon have forgiven him.Now that friendship is back they need to get dance back in their lives.Whole team replies to him that they don’t want to dance.Dance separated them so they dont want to risk their friendship because of dance any more.Rey thinks he will get back dance in their lives during Ganpai Festival.

Rey says its time to plan for festival .Swayam says he has already made the planning,he just needs to make steps for execution.Gang go inside the van to get their luggage.Aashi ans Swayam stay back to discuss about the event.Sharon notices them and feels jealous.Rey suggests that even Sharon the GS is there so Swayam can tell his plan to her.Swayam says Aashi is the CS,she will tell the plan to Sharon .He leaves the place.Aashi goes to Sharon,but she tells rudely that they will discuss later.She instructs everyone to go inside the college.

They enter the college.It has been renovated .They like the change.VP sir welcomes them and tells them next day they will bring Ganpati to their college.They have to welcome Ganesh in grand way.Since they are the cultural team they must have thought about the plan.Gang looks confused but Rey says Swayam has planned everything.Swayam says they will place Ganesh idol on certain direction.Aashi supports him.Sharon gets angry and opposes Swayam saying that direction is wrong.Swayam argues with her asking how does she know that its wrong.Sharon says she knows everything and Swayam has to obey her.Swayam says he has not taken responsibility of obeying Sharon in hindi.Sharon fails to understand his hindi and says he has to obey her.Swayam says if not there ,where does she want to place the idol.Sharon replies to him saying they can have a meeting on this.Swayam answers her that he is not having time for any meeting.He dont have time for her.Sharon is shocked to hear that.VP interferes between their fight.VP tells them the festival has to be rocking .So its their call if they want to arrange it with fights or without fights.Rey assures VP that Swayam is already having plans and they will plan a great event.VP leaves .

Gang discuss that Festivals are fun but they are equally tiring.Rey tells them everything will be smooth.Sharon says everything will be smooth only when her plan will be executed.Swayam laughs at her.Sharon asks why is he laughing.He says if they will execute her plan,anyone will laugh.Swayam and Sharon start arguing.Rey tries to solve the matter and tells Swayam to obey Sharon as she is GS.He asks Sharon to allot duties.Sharon starts allocating duties but fumbles as she is not prepared.Rey says lets make it simple .Boys will decorate the place and girls will go and choose the idol.Swayam supports him.Sharon opposes saying girls can decorate in better way and getting idol is boy’s task.She suggests that the color of Ganesh idol should be coordinated according to college wall color.Swayam and Rey start laughing at her.Girls like Sharon’s plan but boys make fun of it.Simmi asks what is there to laugh.Nilesh says if they want they will wear costumes according to college wall colors.Girls say that not a bad idea.Boys again make fun of girls.Boys say their idea is very stupid.Sharon says girls are intelligent and boys are stupid.Boys challenge girls that if they know everything ,they can do all the arrangements themselves.Girls accept it saying they can do everything themselves.Boys say girls cant do anything without their help.Simmi says boys just need chance to run away from responsibilities,so that they can run behind girls.Nilesh makes fun of her saying she is running detective agency.They start arguing and Sharon calls Swayam looser.When boys oppose her she calls all boys looser.Sharon says girls are the best.Swayam says boys are better than the rest.They declare girls vs Boys .

Precap:Ganesh Utsav preparation and Boys Vs Girls..

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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