Dil Dosti Dance 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th November 2013 Written Update

Simmi says the bride is innocent but not boring so she has to perform.Rishi enters asking has their entertainment program started.Simmi says the bride is feeling shy to perform and they arfe convincing her.Taani says she missed their dancing a lot and now wants to see them perform.Simmi says the wish of bride is their command and continues saying a girl feels both excited and sad during marriage and this Emotional and traditional form is going to be presented by Sharon.Swayam thinks Emotional and traditional. Sharon performs on chalka rey paani song .The next dance was by Nilesh and Aashi who danced on lets rock.Rishi thanks the gang and says he got to see a different look of them all together.Rishi informs tomorrow is mata ki Chowki and even grooms side will be present and now its time for Mehandi which will be happening in other room.The gang moves when Sharon comes to Rey and asks him how was her dance.Rey says it was good.Sharon then asks Swayam how was her dance.Taani calls Sharon and she turns.Rey tells Taani she is looking beautiful to which Taani thanks him.Rey questions Taani that she is not looking happy.Taani moves away and Rey says he will win her.

Rishi calls Swayam and Sharon and tells them that they will have to perform tomorrow as the grooms side is coming in their honor.Swayam says they have not prepared.Rishi says they are dancers and they must have.He has told a lot about their dance to the groom’s side.Sharon says it shall be done. Swayam says they do not have a place to rehearse. Rishi asks them to practice in the Go-down.Sharon agrees and says if something is wanted from heart will can reach God too and moves.Rishi tells Swayam Sharon is doing all this for him.Swayam asks for him when Rishi says Swayam is not so immature that he does not understand little things. Every girl wants the boy’s family to accept her and hence they change.Swayam is lucky to have a girl friend like Sharon.Swayam says its nothing so when Rishi replies Sharon has already informed him.Swayam gets confused and asks what did Sharon tell when Rishi replies that they both are together as boy friend and girl-friend.A persons calls Rishi when Rishi leaves asking Swayam to start the dance rehearsals. Swayam thinks Sharon and me together why did Sharon lie to dad.

The girls are applying Mehandi to Taani when Rey serves cool drinks to them.Taani politely ignores when Rey says its her engagement and she must not look tired.The women around ask they both studied in same college.Rey says yes and are friends. The women there says if she had a daughter she would give her to Rey when Rey says he has been unlucky in terms of girls.He has loved twice and both times the girls have left him. the women says the girl must be blind to leave him when Rey says it was his mistake.If he gets one chance he will try to win her back.Taani coughs and keep the glass down when her Mehandi smudges off.The girl there says its not good,Taani says she will go and wash her hands and they can apply it later.Rey moves away too. Sharon is dancing with girls when Swayam calls her.She ignores him when Swayam holds her arm and pulls her.Swayam asks why is she acting as if she had not heard him call when Sharon says she learnt it from him.Swayam says coming to the point when Sharon asks which is Swayam asks her what did she tell his dad.Sharon asks what when Swayam asks why did she tell dad that they are together.Sharon says yes she said cause she loves him.Sharon adds he agrees or not it is the truth that I love you.We will meet in rehearsals tonight and moves.Swayam sees Sharon dance happily and says it feels like you are yourself and enjoying it.

Taani is praying to God that she wanted Rey to move on and now her own steps are not stable.My engagement is about to happen and I must have no confusions.Taani prays there is no way to turn back now.Rey asks Taani to turn back and says about whom you are thinking is standing behind you.Taani asks Rey why is he here when Rey says to speak with her.Taani asks does he not care about her happiness when Rey asks if you are really happy then why are tears present in your eyes.Taani says her happiness is in his happiness and Rey says his happiness is in her happiness.A girl comes and calls Taani to apply mehandi.Rey thinks you still love me.Reyy thanks God for showing him path and not letting down his hope on Love.Taani in room thinks her family is important for her and she won’t let Rey affect her.

Precap; Swayam and Sharon dance on pehela Nasha. Taani’s engagement function.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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