Dil Dosti Dance 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey shouts I love you too Kriya on the road, holds her and swirls around. He takes her to college. Everyone is in the dancing hall; they all hug them together and hoot to celebrate. Sharon says I can’t believe Rey seriously proposed you. Swayam says he is really happy Rey and they all shout for celebration together. The all dance together.
In the cafeteria, Swayam says Kriya looked so happy. Rey says his happiness transferred into her. Swayam says what would have happened to you had she gone. Rey says ask me what fear is. Swayam says he is happy he said it before college ending. Rey says he forgot that the college is ending, they both recall how college gave us all the happy, sad, rude moments, enemies like Ruhi and their love life. in easy words Dil, dosti and dance. Swayam resolves that they will give something to the college before going. Rey recalls his dad is waiting.
Rey comes home and apologizes father for being late. He sees champagin, his father says he thought when Kriya says yes, there must be a champaign. Rey makes sad face and doesn’t tell him what Kriya said until he tucks his ear. His dad hugs him. Rey thanks dad for giving him the courage to say his heart out. They pour champaign and take a sip, it was fruit juice. He dad tells him to keep his personal life first because it has the best feeling in the world to do something for one’s owns. His dad asks him to meet Kriya, as his girlfriend. Rey says Kriya Rai, get ready for a surprise.
Kriya was sleeping, Rey calls her. He tells her he is annoyed with her, she says she must be annoyed with him because he left college without informing her. He makes up her mood by saying He loves her. Kriya says I love you smile. Rey asks her to say I love you straight. She says you are cute. He tells her a surprise is waiting for her in the college tomorrow. She thinks she wont be able to sleep thinking what the surprise can be, she says I think God has given me everything today and I love Rey so much.
Sharon is arguing to her mother. Swayam asks her what the problem is. She tells him there is a wedding of her cousin for which her mother is calling her. Swayam tells her to go as all their problems are resolved now. Sharon says had there been another boyfriend, he would have stopped her. He says there must be some space between girlfriend and boyfriend as well. She gets annoyed and asks does he need space with her. He tells her to sit down and tells her she is a good and caring friend and girlfriend. Her mom must also miss her sometimes. He says when she does a lot for the world; she can do at least this much to her mother as she will always be with her. She says how he talks about such intelligent things. She says she is now thinking to go, but he will have to promise him to miss her. He asks about her mom, she says my mom is so sweet that anyone can get diabetic meeting her; and she will also like you. He says what is mom when daughter liked me. She runs after him. Rey helps Kriya to walk instructing her to walk as he says. He removes hands. She says where the surprise is. He says here I am the surprise. She says what kind of a surprise is this. He tells her that his dad wants to meet her. She asks what for, he tells her that he wants to meet his girlfriend. She says okay and let’s go. He says she can’t go to dad like this. She will have to wear a saree and put a veil on her face. And she will have to bend down and touch his feet. She is worried; he tells her he told Sharon about everything, she will help her.

PRECAP: Kriya comes dressed in traditional look and touches Rey’s dad’s feet. Inside he asks her can she cook? He further instructs her strict rules like waking up at 5 in the morning after wedding. Rey enjoys this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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