Dil Dosti Dance 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th March 2013 Written Update
The gang is dancing on Bhooti ke with full strength when Sharon starts getting unwell.She moves.Swayam catches her and takes her with him.He waves his hand in front of her to give her water.He asks her to stay with him.He makes her sit and gives her inhaler. Moves from there is search of water in a tensed state .He gives her water and then gets hyper and tells that his suggestion was stupid.He must have not done this Stupid thing.Sharon relaxes him saying she is fine.His suggestion made her feel exit.She infact feels like she is living.Swayam says it was indeed difficult running in his maujadi.Simmi comes searching for Sharon and finds her laughing her heart out with Swayam.She is shocked seeing this and asks she got worried seeing her vanish.Sharon says she is fine and shows her the inhaler.Simmi is shocked knowing the Swayam knows it and same goes with Swayam too.Sharon says that yes they both know and its only them.She adds saying that hope they will keep her promise.

Simmi informs her that Khushwindar Mama is calling her.Sharon gets up and moves seeing Swayam.She stops in the step and also turns back and looks at him.The team is back in the rehearsal hall enjoying their first professional performance.Vicky and Nilesh asks Sorry to Sharon saying that she saved them.Rey says that because of Sharon the performance became a hit.
Vicky and Nilesh starts doing Bow down asking her forgiveness when Swayam asks them to do sit ups and when they do it unwillingly he asks him to do it willingly.Sharon says she need to share something.Vicky and Nilesh say that they agree.Sharon then says that she will Dance with her D3 team.The whole gang is excited.Simmi is shocked.Swayam smiles.Sharon says I missed you Rey and Hugs him.Rey too says he missed her.Rey adds saying Welcome back the Old and New Dancer of the team Sharon Rai prakash.When Sharon says she feels back Barath says that they must be careful as the drazzler Sharon is back and she can scold anytime.

Taani is in her room calling Rey but he does not pick up the call.Taani feels that when Rey is not giving him enough time.Rey hears all this from the window and enters the room cause of which the curtain holder comes out and creates a sound.swayam is in the room hear this and this what is Taani doing at this time.Taani sees Rey and gets up from her bed and asks why is he here.Rey says that to see her.She asks why through window.Rey says this is thrill and a boyfriend comes to see his girlfriend through the window.Taani asks at this time 1’o clock at night.Rey says its morning a new day.Taani says is he in fun mood now.Rey turns showing that he will go when Taani stops him saying did she ask him to leave.Rey turns and asks her to come close and cause of back movement Taani moves and hits the table and again a sound comes.
Rey hugs and kisses her and thanks her that cause of her they could perform today.He lays down on her bed pulling her by which the bed breaks up.Taani wakes up saying he broke her bed.Swayam hears the sound and comes to see what is Taani doing at one.He knocks the door and comes in seeing Rey lying on the bed by pulling her.
Rey gets up seeing Swayam.Swayam is shocked seeing Rey.Rey asks his forgiveness when Swayam asks Taani to move out.Rey tries to explain to him Swayam says he can understand why he is here at this time.The conversation goes.Swayam says that he can understand him as a friend but not as a bro.When Rey says he did not guess that Swayam will come Swayam says Taani is his sis and is in the next room how can he not come. Rey says he is sorry for taking him granted.

When Rey tries to go out of the room from Window Swayam says he can go via the door.He also says that Rey may come hear or not but even if he comes Swayam must not know it.Rey comes out Sees Taani for few second and moves out.Swayam comes and Taani says sorry to him.swayam asks her to go in and sleep.She not not feel guilty and cry for his.She has a meet with VP and she needs to go.Swayam says Rey is his best friend and hopes nothing bad happens tomorrow in college.

Precap:VP announcing National Dance Championship as St.Louis is participating.Sharon says that this will be hectic as they have to prepare for eliminations as well as their professional events.Taani says they must give importance to college.Sharon says the professional team is their carrier ..

Update Credit to: asmaju

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