Dil Dosti Dance 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th December 2013 Written Update

Kriya opens her door and finds Rey.She asks him to come inside.Rey says he didnt come to chat with her .She says whatever she wants to say he can come inside and say.By mistake Kriya comes on his way.Rey tells her if she will stop his path even there.Kriya tells him not to be worried ,as she is leaving.She wont stop him again .She is leaving as he wanted.Rey says if she wants to go as per his wish,he wants her to stay.Kriya says if he is here to stop her because Swayam told him,than he is wrong.She has already decided to leave.Rey keeps his finger on her lips and stops her from speaking further.They share an eye-lock.He says she always wants to speak but she should learn to listen as well.Swayam didnt send him there.Kriya asks why he is there to stop her.Rey replies he dont want

his college to get punished because of her.As their tie up news is already public.Kriya says even she cares about college reputation.She says Rey is making it difficult for her by not supporting workshops.Rey says if she is not leaving he will corporate her for annual day performance and workshop.Kriya asks for his promise.He says he dont want to promise anyone who dont keep their promises.But he will try to support her workshop.Rey leaves the place.Kriya says thanks to him .

Next day morning,gang is doing warm up in RH .Nil and Simi are busy in chatting.Sharon asks them if they informed Rey and Kriya.Nil says he messaged them.Vicky says they hate each other,but both are missing at the same time.Rinni says they can be together.Gang tell Sharon they missed her in rehearsals.Sharon says now she is back so even the fun will be back.Sharon notices Simi who is busy in chatting.She says ,it seems Simi didnt miss her.Simi says ofcourse she missed her.Sharon comes and takes her phone from her hand.Sharon sees her message and asks who is he.Simi says she was about to tell her.Rini says ,he is Simi’s new online friend.Nil thinks this is the reason Simi is ignoring him.Vicky says all our concerned about online friends but nobody cares about real friends.Nil goes and tries to find out about Simi’s new friend.Sharon says it between girls and he should go and warm up.Bharat calls her Hitler.Sharon says she heard it and tells them to continue warm up.Sharon asks Simi about details,she says she will tell it later.They tease Simi.Nil tries to hear their conversation and falls down.

Swayam enters RH .Gang says Swayam the saint is here.Swayam says Sharon ,he wants to talk to her about something urgent.Sharon tells gang to continue and goes with Swayam.Vicky asks if Swayam and Sharon are friends now.Sharon avoids the topic and tells them to rehearse.Swayam-Sharon go to projector room.Sharon asks Swayam if anything is urgent.Swayam tells her Kriya is leaving college and going back to NY .Sharon asks why.Swayam says Rey is blaming Kriya for his loss.Kriya is hurt and wants to leave.Sharon says it can be true that investors canceled meeting after watching interview.Swayam says it can be true,but its not Kriya’s fault.Swayam tells Sharon to talk to Rey and make i=him understand that Kriya is leaving because of him.Sharon says if he really feels Kriya is leaving because of Rey.Swayam says if Rey is not supporting her workshop she will be discouraged.She came to India for dance academy.Sharon says the workshop idea was Rey’s.Swayam says Sharon not only to think from Rey’s POV only .She says he wants her to talk to Rey so she is bound to think from his POV.Sharon says Swayam is thinking only about Kriya.He wants to talk to Sharon because of Kriya.He was missing Sharon as Kriya was upset.Its only about Kriya for Swayam.Swayam says there were so many problems between Kriya-Rey.So he missed Sharon.Sharon says he is only thinking about Kriya.He thinks Kriya has become more smart.She is only following Sharon’s footsteps.All are thinking Kriya is smarter than Sharon.Even Swayam thinks the same.Swayam says if she knows what exactly she is talking about.Sharon says she dont know what she is talking about.But Swayam says only one thing its”Kriya”.Swayam says Sharon is telling about Kriya.Sharon says she took Kriya’s name just 3 times,Swayam took her name 6 times.Swayam says Sharon should go home,she needs rest.He will take care of other things.Sharon says so that he can talk to Kriya.Swayam tells her if she knows what she is talking about.Sharon realizes her mistake and says she is stressed along with Rey and Kriya.She will talk to them.Sharon says Kriya has come leaving everything behind so she must be so stressed.She will talk to her and sort out the problem.She says sorry to Swayam for over-reacting.Swayam says its ok.He is used to her fights.Sharon says if he is calling her fighter cock.Swayam says he is calling her fighter Sharon.
Sharon says she is a fighter.She is about to say his Sharon but he stops in between.Swayam looks at her.She changes the topic by saying she is his friend Sharon.They are friends so fighting is allowed.Swayam says yes,they can fight as friends.Swayam says they need to think how to solve Rey-Kriya’s problem.Sharon says she will talk to them and sort it out.She says bye to Swayam adorably and leaves with a smile.Swayam thinks Sharon is tired because of traveling.She talks like this when she dont get enough sleep.

Sharon is happy that Rey stopped Kriya from leaving.She thanks Rey in her mind for doing this.She meets Rey,she says she is sad for him as his meeting with investor got cancelled.Rey says ,he is used to rejections now.He changes the topic and says he fulfilled his promise by going to rehearsals.He couldnt go both the days but he went one day so half promise he fulfilled.Swayam and Kriya join them.They greet each other.Sharon asks Kriya if she came with Swayam.Kriya says she came with Swayam on his cycle which is a different experience. Sharon hints Rey to greet Kriya.Swayam hints the same to Kriya.Rey and Kriya say an awkward Hi to each other.Sharon breaks silnce saying after classes rehearsals are there.Rey says annual day is approaching and they dont have time.Swayam appreciates Rey and says finally he thought about rehearsals.Rey says still his main focus is his dance academy.Amar passes by them.He says hi and starts leaving.Rey asks why he is leaving so soon.Amar says he has work in canteen.They leave for class.Kriya tells Swayam she will meet him later.New teacher comes to class.Vicky tries to hide from him and takes last bench.Teacher says going backwards is not good.He says Vicky to sit in the front bench.

Swayam and Kriya come and asks for teacher’s permission to enter the classroom.Swayam goes and takes a seat.Sharon smiles looking at him.Kriya is lost in Rey and looses her balance near the door.Rey shows concern for her and ask if she is ok.She says she is fine.Kriya takes seat next to Swayam.Sharon gets angry at this.Rey and Kriya steal glances.Kriya thinks may be Rey wants her not to leave college.

New teacher says they will start classes not by knowing each others name but by sharing their philosophy in life.Swayam explains the gang he is talking about philosophy.Teacher asks Vicky’s philosophy in life,he says live and let live.He sends Vicky to get register. Nil says his motto is to enjoy life.Teacher comments on that and says he enjoys by spending too much money without thinking.He asks Sharon about her thought,she says they should focus on good qualities of other not their mistakes.So relationship will have less misunderstanding.Teacher appreciates her views.He asks Kriya next.Kriya says one should value his closed ones more than his dreams.This leads to fulfillment of dreams.Rey looks at Kriya and they share an eye lock.Teacher appreciates her thought and says they are very mature for their age.Swayam says he wants to share his views.He says if anyone is getting a second chance one should accept with open arms.It can be for him or his dear ones. Sharon becomes happy listening to this.Rey and Kriya look at each other.

Precap:Kriya -Rey ,Swayam-Sharon thinking about dreams ,second chance and recent changes.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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