Dil Dosti Dance 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the last group task in action. Simmi shouts at SwaRon to just be their for the team and they both agree. The team gets excited for the same and take part with more enthusiasm. They reach the finish line and go for the next task. All except ReYam lie down on thir backs and raise their legs to the same level on which a water tub is placed. After adjusting it ReYam too li edown with Sharon in between them.

The task then starts and everybody tries to maintain the balance. All have fun in the same and Sharon starts to laugh in enjoyment. Swayam simply stares at her. Rey thanks them for doing the task for the team. He then asks them tat why do they try to do what they aren’t ? SwaRon ask what in confusion and Rey replies “confession”.

SwaRon stare at each other and then towards Rey where he simply smiles and then all again concentrate on the task. Eventually D3 team wins.

They all have a blast dancing around and celebrating [with jaane kyon as back ground] when by mistake Aashi and Sharon clash and Aashi quietly walks away. The same situation arises for SwaRon and Swayam too walks away. V. P. comes and informs them that they can relax and that activities for the day are over. He also reminds them of the Ganesh Mahaotsav and that they have to prepare everything as a tem. V. P. exits with the team minus SwaRon planning for the same. Swayam goes to a side and thinks that he has to organise it together with Sharon and that’s not possible. He walks away from the group alone and here Sharon is in a dilemma that she never knew winning would have such a difficult outcome.


Sharon is again shown walking on the flower path and she remembers “their” moments of this path and boat ride. Tune jo na kaha is played in the background. Here Swayam is found standing on the wooden platform near the boat ride and he too is remembering the same memories and is quite lost in them. Slowly Sharon walks down the path and reaches a spot from where Swayam is clearly visible and she just stands there and sees Swayam remembering their past moments.

Rey arrives there Sharon says him that she has already forgiven him on the same day when she had cried in front of him. To which he jokingly adds and you even hugged me and that too a really tight one. Sharon smiles at this. he finally asks that till when will all this continue of she seeing Swayam and He seeing SwaRon like this in covers. Sharon denies that she by – chance came here. Rey says that yes everything is by – chance. Aditya coming in their life, Dance going from their life, Team’s breaking and then SwaRon breakup. Sharon breaks up on this and hugs Rey tightly.

They pull apart and Rey jokes with her that confirm-confirm she has forgiven him or no. She hits him on the chest and tells him to stop. He says that if she has really forgiven him then not to shed these tears. He says that for every tear that she sheds, he will be answerable to his friend Rey. He asks her to listen to him and return to Swayam. He states that the way they need Swayam, Swayam too needs them. Sharon starts to walk away only to bestopped by Rey again. She says that she feels that they are way apart and it’s beyond repair now. She asks him to promise her that he will not manipulate any situation to put SwaRon back. Whatever has to happen will happen on its own. Rey reluctantly agrees on the continuous pleas of Sharon. Sharon thanks him and seeing Swayam again breaks down when Rey tries to calm her.


The boys are in their room packing when Swayam enters. All the boys start their acting and start to talk bad things about Rey and that he acts like a boss but still takes the complete credit and that he acts as though he is a star. Then all the boys plan on how they will spoil his every work and how he will face scoldings instead of appreciation. They will spread out everywhere so that all the work load comes on him alone. Vicky to add fuel to the already burning flame in Swayam says that he will pray that Rey looses his AGS designation and also his leadership qualities. He says let’s see how he remains a star after this when Swayam finally looses his patience and grabs Vicky’s collar.

Swayam asks him to now repeat what he was saying and that how dare he abuse Rey. Nilesh says that he deserves to be abused when Swayam grabs his T- Shirt too and warns them to stop all this. No one will utter a single word against him. By this tme Rey enters and asks that why can’t they say anything against him ? ReYam share an eye lock and the episode ends.


PRECAP : The team is in college where V.P. nforms them that the next day Ganesh’s idol will be bought. Swayam says that it must be placed in the attrium to which Sharon disagrees. Swayam says whatever she says won’t be agreed to. Sharon calls him a looser and Swayam fights back. Swayam and Sharon challenge each other and a Boys v/s Girls fight begins with the challenge – Best of five activities !

Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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