Dil Dosti Dance 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th June 2013 Written Update

Taani shows that she had updated in the blog of the college website to Aashi.Aashi reads it out which has about the NDC judge being unfair.Aashi says its great that she has put up this but is this allowed over the college website.The VP is in his room when Rey and Taani come in.The VP asks Rey why did he do so with the blog.To defend his team he updated in the blog.Rey is confused about what is happening when Taani says that she has did it.The VP is shocked and asks why did she do.She tells for the team.VP appreciates her efforts.Taani asks Sorry as that cause issues for him,Both Rey and Taani move out of the room.Rey ask Taani should he remove it to which Taani replies she will do it.Taani moves when Rey calls her and lets her know that he is impressed.He says he never knew she will

do so much for the team.Taani says she is the GS and she knows her rights and responsibilities.Rey is in the atrium thinking that his mission is successful and its time he tells Taani the truth.

Rey and Swayam are at home getting ready for a great day at college.Rey comes in and is all happy he does dance on the way to college.He is standing in the cycle stand area when a basket ball hits him.The group of guys says sorry.Rey tells the SRK dialog small small things keep happening in bigger places.Just then Swayam comes in his cycle all happy.Rey and Swayam have a chat.Rey tells he is going to tell Swayam’s Darling sister about his dashing love.Swayam says but they had break-up.Rey says its temporary.Swayam had a hand kerchief tied around his head.Rey asks why is he so.Swayam says to protect his hair.Rey asks you could have come in car.Swayam says cycle is his way.Rey and Swayam were calling each other jijaji and saale sahab and enter college.They go to the boy locker room and get dressed even better to go and speak with their girls.Sharon takes the perfume that Swayam had gifted her long back and smiles remembering the moment when gift was reduced.

The gang is in the corridor when Vicky has a sever cold and is sneezing a lot and they were discussion about what Taani has done.Aashi says about 20,000 hits are present.Rey and Swayam search of their girl and Sharon comes then.Swayam gives his bad to Rey and moves to speak with Swayam.The team is in class when Swayam and Sharon enter.Rey starts singing Kuch tho hua hai and gang follows.Sharon blushes a bit.Vicky stops after some time and asks Rey whats happening.Who is committed.The team is confused with break up and patch up.Taani is in VP cabin when he says he go a call from NDC and as she is the Gs she needs to represent the team in NDC.

Precap:Swayam and Nilesh dancing on Ishk wala Love.Rey is about to speak to Taani but Taani is busy.Swayam and Sharon to speak.Taani says the best decision was to break up with Rey.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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