Dil Dosti Dance 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon thinks who she should place in couples. She pairs Ishika with a guy, and Raghv with some other girl. She tells them to look into each other’s eyes, Raghv was looking at Ishika. She gets his attention to his partner. She then asks Ishika to look at her partner’s eyes. She shows them the steps to both the couples.
Ishika steps on her partner’s foot. Sharon asks why she didn’t keep eye contact. She tells her to focus and bucks her up. Sharon was frustrated, and says she will select the candidate in the next class, and tells Ishika while leaving to practice.
Huma comes home, her ammi gives her juice. Huma asks why she came to college, her ammi asks cant she come to college. Huma says the students will think, the principal called for her complain. Her ammi comes to her touching her ears; Huma says that she doesn’t mean that. Her ammi says that she also didn’t mean what she said yesterday. Huma says she doesn’t want to be a heroine but a dancer. Her ammi says that is why we got her admission in the best academy i.e St. Luois.
The lights were off, Swayam came to Sharon from behind. She screams but he puts hand on his mouth and says this is him doing romance. The lights get on, he gets her hand and they dance. He tells her that the roof was leaking, so Vicky and Nil are fixing it; and they gave him holiday. Sharon asks shall we leave? Swayam holds her, she asks him to get her bag, then mobile then file. Finally Swayam drops her in the couch. She runs after him.
Huma’s parents insists they want to see her dance in the academy and they will come to college. Huma is worried.
Raghv tells Ishika to come at 7 tomorrow; he will get her rid of her hesitation. He says he doesn’t want to make two girls annoyed during the classes. Ishika resists, but he says he isn’t sure he won’t be able to live till Dance-mania. Ishika puts hand on his mouth and promises she will come early tomorrow.
Huma was worried and thinks what she must do.
Swayam comes to Sharon and watches Sharon kneading. Her face was filled with flour. He shows her the mirror. She feels annoyed that she is trying to make Indian for him and he is making fun of her. He says you ever looked so cute before. He holds her hand, they both knead the flour. After a while, her hand was still full of flour and she says she can’t do it. He says I have a backup. She goes to wash hands.
Ishika was also clearing the kitchen counter. She says she has to go to college early. He asks did Sharon called, Ishika says Raghv did. Vishnu says he will drop her to college and watch her dance as well. She agrees and goes to sleep.
Swayam shows Sharon dinner, he had already ordered. His cell phone rings, he asks Sharon to take it from the pocket and see who it is. Sharon says I also wants to know who remembers you at this time of night. It was Huma. He was reluctant to take the call, but Sharon attends it and places it to his ears. Swayam asks Huma if we can talk tomorrow, Huma says we will meet in the garage. Swayam says I told her we will talk tomorrow and goes to wash hands. Sharon says girls are behind him. Swayam explains she is just a student, Sharon asks cant students have crush on teacher.
Huma comes to garage, and thinks about going to recharge her phone before rehearsals. Simmi comes and tells about Ptel site, where one can recharge phone at home.
Ishika says Good morning, while Raghv says Good morning sunshine. Vishnu asks does he talk to everyone like this. Raghv shakes hand with him. Ishika asks did he eat something. Raghv takes her attention but she says she wants to have coffee and asks Vishnu to get it from the stall outside. Ishika was reluctant, so Raghv asks her to trust him. Vishnu dislikes.

PRECAP: Karma dances vigorously. Huma asks Swayam to keep Sharon away from college for two hours while her parents come to see the academy. Swayam says she might hurt her parents, but he can’t hurt Sharon. Huma says she has only one option left then, to leave D3. Swayam turns away shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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