Dil Dosti Dance 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma and Huma share some quiet moments, confronting each other. Huma closes her eyes and wonders is Karma falling for her. Of God!. Karma brings her back to world, and asks her what she is thinking. She says she was thinking, what she must say to Ishika. Karma tells her to relax, their plan will work fine. She must wait and watc.
In the college, everyone cheers meeting Sara. She sits with them and says she is directly coming to meet her, and asks for Sharon. They all tell her that she is busy after she met Swayam’s family. She leaves, but they all discuss she brought the energy back. Sharon and Sara were together. Sara complains she didn’t tell her anything. Sharon complains that she was not in touch, and she ignored Rey so difficultly. Sara says everyone is telling her about her attention

to her in laws, Sharon explains. Sara laughs, and says Sharon has changed a lot as Rey said. Bua, dadi, children doesn’t suit her. Sharon says Swayam loves her, and she is doing it all for her. Sara says that love is really blind. Sharon cheers that she is going on date with Swayam. Sara leaves, while Sharon is super excited.
Raghv gets ready, and thinks she will have to lie at home and hide from Ishika too. Raghv tells Dida it is his friend’s birthday. Dida says Ishika also went early. He thinks so she has left, and tells Dida she must have gone somewhere else. Dida asks why is she leaving the house. Raghv gets irritated, and says she is again asking him. Dida goes upset, he regrets.
Swayam waits for Sharon, she arrives to the venue. He offers her chair, she laughs while he looks intently. He says it is after so long, that they planned for dinner. Sharon says they stay so busy, that don’t get time. She teases if his cousins are here. He asks what she would like to take, she asks him to order her favourite pina colada.
Ishika waits at the venue, then calls Huma. Huma says she must wait as he told her to. She wonders if he come out to be crazy, Huma asks if she has the pepper spray with her. Karma says she must give her further ideas of hitting boys.
Swayam tells Sharon, that his parents used to go on date hidingly, even after marriage. Bua calls Sharon, Swayam asks her to ignore. Bua reminds her about the Pooja at 7, and tells her to come early to prepare Prasad. Sharon asks to hang on, Bua asks is she wasting her time. Sharon says she is out. Bua says so is Swayam. Sharon denies talking to him the whole day, and tells her she is in restaurant. Swayam asks what she was saying, Sharon say they must leave. Swayam says they must leave now, or Bua will call again. Swayam gets Bua’s call, Sharon is annoyed. Swayam says he cant talk as his battery is dead, and asks Sharon to switch their phones off.
Karma shows Huma, that Raghv has arrived. Huma calls him to go to Ishika. Raghv wonders that he has been called here, then watches Ishika waiting in the venue. She turns to him.
Sara calls Rey, Rey tells Sara he is doing dinner with Chintoo. She says hi to chintoo, and tells him to enjoy it, they will talk later. He tells her to pick the call.
Ishika says to Raghv, that why is he not understanding that there is no one here but he and her. She asks is he her secret admirer. He laughs and asks is she crazy, he doesn’t have time for these things. He got a message, she says so did she. Raghv says she must have texted him. She tells him to shut up, why would she do this. He says she must not have been able to bear the rejection. She says he must go to hell. He says that she must also be leaving the house that she got secret admirers. But she will return to him, as he must be a greedy stalker. She says he is the meanest in the world, he says he must not have seen mirror. Karma holds head, and asks Huma she wanted their patchup. Huma asks what they must do now.
Sharon asks to leave, Swayam asks her to stop. The manager comes to them, Swayam gives him approval. The song is played, Swayam says it is for her. He stands and asks for her hand. They dance, when Bua and Dadi come there. Bua says that their family’s girls don’t dance like this. Sharon and Swayam watch them.

PRECAP: Bua complains to Anamika that Sharon must have to leave dancing. Sharon says she has talked to Swayam about it. Bua says does she want separation so soon.

Update Credit to: Sona

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