Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharon smiles watching Swayam go to the group. They boys see Karma and Huma coming, saying here comes the love birds. They say their plan is working. Swayam tells everyone that they have to prepare a group dance and solo performances. He asks for break, and tells Karma and Huma to practice till then.
Huma and Karma dances. They have an argument on a lift, both think that they are hypocrites, something in class and another in here.
Rey gets Swayam’s call, as they all sit on a stall. Sara feels nauseatic, Sharon helps her get water. Sharon asks her if she feels better, and explains to Rey that she must have eaten something which maker her vomit. Rey looks at Sara lost, she calls him and says she is feeling better. Rey was lost, and smiles back.
Karma and Huma argue on a step. They come to ask Rey about a step. Rey was lost with Sara. Karma explains him, and he says fine. Huma asks if they go and jump in a pond, will they be alright. Rey says fine. Huma brings him to senses, he tells them to do something new. Rey looks at Sara, and wonders if he is thinking it all right. He searches the web, while Sara is in pain. Swayam comes to ask him for a step he thought about, he passes Sara who was in pain. She smiles at him, but he doesn’t respond.
Nil comes to stairs, and picks Rey’s mobile for time. He was searching for symptoms of pregnancy. He recalls about the night Rey told them about, and wonders if Sara is pregnant.
At night, Sara wakes Rey up. He asks what she is doing. Sara says she is hungry, he must take her out to eat something. He asks it is too late. She says it is his fault, she is eating for two. Rey wakes up, worried that this isn’t possible. He reads the symptoms, says she just had vomittings and no other symptoms and hopes there is nothing like that. Rey watches the two goons downstairs, hides behind the window and switch the lights off. The goons leave.
Sharon is worried in rehearsal hall, the next morning. She was worried and tells Simmi that the stalker is following her and shows her the Saturday’s yoga pictures. Swayam comes there, his shoes muddy. Sharon says that these mud marks can be of the ground outside the yoga classes. She comes to Swayam, and asks if he sent her the photos. Swayam blames her for stalking him. Swayam says he is the guy, who believes in walking with girls not behind. Swayam says there was wet mud, outside college. He asks what she will do, if he stalks her. She leaves, he stops her. She blames him again. Swayam leaves in frustration.
Rey comes thinking that in pregnancy stuff, he just left all the work about musical. He notices the goons following him, and is worried.
Swayam and Sharon practice together. She says she doesn’t want to dance with her. They both argue, and keep blaming her. Sharon says only he knows about her yoga classes. Swayam says what is wrong with her. Rey comes and scolds them, to get serious. They have to sort out the problems they people have. Sharon leaves, Swayam follows.
Sara hits Rey, he apologizes her for this. She says his concern is nice, but felt better today. He looks at her tummy, she asks why he is tensed. He says there are two guys, musical, then says all is fine. Sara asks for movie, as she wants it. Rey thinks about mood swings, but Simmi says they must all go to movie. Rey jerks the idea.
Simmi asks Sharon to call the stalker, in the corridor. Sharon keeps the call on secret. Sharon asks what is up. He says he knew, she will miss him. She asks why he made her photos. He says he didn’t want to fear her, but is afraid to come to her front. She asks what is the need to fear. He says he isn’t sure, how she will react. Simmi watches Swayam, standing downstairs, talking to someone on phone. Sharon comes to Swayam and blames him. He says he was talking to Bua, and shows her the number. He ask what the hell is wrong with her. Simmi wonders who is the stalker of not him, Swayam jerks how would he know.

PRECAP: Sharon asks Swayam how will she know he is the stalker. Swayam asks to call him, she does and the guy sitting in front picks it up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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