Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th December 2013 Written Update

Swayam and Rey in the rehearsal hall speaking when Kriya comes in. She tells they shall start with warm up when Rey tells they will dance directly. Kriya tells the annual day performance must be perfect and perfection is not achieved in hurry.Rey tells there is less time and lot to do.Kriya replies yes you always want to complete things faster.Swayam stops them from fighting and says Rey is right they must start direct dance. He asks Rey and Kriya to perform while he will sketch them up so they don’t forget. Swayam asks Kriya did she check the routines.Kriya says she saw Sharon’s mail and the routines are good but they must do something unique.Lehrein from Aisha plays and Kriya and Reyaansh dance on it.Rey is lost in thoughts about his previous performances with Kriya

and when he has to hold her he misses it and Kriya falls down with her knees hurt. Rey panics and says sorry and moves to get ice pack. Outside he thinks why was I not able to control my emotions.I must have not agreed to dance with Kriya when Sharon asked me for it.He then Thanks God for going out tomorrow as he does not need to dance with Kriya anymore.

Nilesh in BB court and Simmi in canteen chatting with each other as online friends. Nilesh asks if they can exchange numbers.Simmi gives him his new number.Nilesh tells he has work and ends chat thinking should he speak with her and how must he address.He decides and calls her and they speak. Nilesh tells there is a club for biking.He goes there everyweekend. He asks Simmi does she know to ride when Simmi denies he tells he will teach her. Simmi thinks is he asking her out. Simmi remembers Sharon’s words that they must not agree easily and tell Nil that she is busy the coming weekend so they can meet next weekend. Nilesh thinks till then I can arrange for a bike too. Nil tells they can chat online till then or even converse via phone.After the phone call Simmi thinks why did his voice sound like Nil’s but chuks it up thinking as she is spending time with Nil

Swayam is in his home when he receives a text from Sharon asking how is he.He replies abck asking about her.Sharon tells its good and asks about the rehearsals and Kriya.Swayam says Kriya is good Rey lost balance and Kriya fell down.He asks her when is she coming back when Sharon says so you are missing me.Swayam says whole team is missing her at rehearsals.Swayam asks about the marriage event when Sharon says its good. Sharon asks did he see Taani’s engagement pictures when Swayam says his dad has sent him he is yet to see. Sharon tells she will come and see them. Swayam moves to bed to see the pics when first he sees taani’s pics and remembers the engagement sceans.He moves forward and sees their pic and is lost thinking about Oh Rey Piya Dance

Rey is in his house remembering about Kriya and their dance during the day with Oh ho tune as BG.He thinks what has happened to him. He could not control himself and she fell down.He thinks to call and check about her health but does not deciding to call Swayam the next morning and confirm. Rey moves to pack his bad when his friend Rishi calls him and informs the investor cancelled his meeting and is no more interested.Rey says they can meet next when when Rishi tells the investor saw the interview will Kriya on TV and he does not want to indulge in a project that already has a tie up. He says he must have informed about the tie up thing before. No one would want to do a project which has already started. Rey think failure again. From the time you have come back Kriya I’m getting only failure. Rey thinks Kriya did it wantedly and how much ever she wants to trouble him at the end he will win without your help.

The college students are happy as St.Louis is the talk of the town now. Kriya comes in and a girl congratulates her saying because of her St.Louis has reached New York. When the girl asks how was it there Kriya says lonely and excuses herself. Rey comes in a guy says he saw he int and he is lucky to have workshop with Kriya. You will open the dance academy with Kriya’s help. Rey says Dance academy will open but without any help and moves.Kriya thinks Rey must be in airport and she must speak with Swayam. Kriya ad swayam meet and are speaking when Rey comes telling you wont allow it to happen.Kriya asks did he miss his flight as he is here when Rey says it is because of the press conference. Why would someone want to invest in already happening project. Swayam asks Rey to reduce his voice when Rey says that is what Kriya wants to make him loose and become the hero herself.Rey tells Kriya to do what she wants to make her plan a success but he wont allow.

Precap: Kriya going out of college back to NY. VP asks says is Kriya more important or dance academy.Rey goes to Kriya’s house

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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