Dil Dosti Dance 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th April 2014 Written Update

Sharon is panting, she tries to breathe hard. She sees a water pot in a corner, heads towards it. In her rush, it fells down and breaks.

Rey and Swayam come in the dancing room and tells everyone. They all were shocked saying ‘what?’. Rey asks did anyone of you meet her yester night. They say no. Ruhi smiles. Swayam wonders whatever happened was after they had left her home, but how can Sharon go with anyone like this? Kaka said she took her phone with her. Simmi says she went with someone who she already knew, he could have kidnapped her too. Nil says that police won’t take action before 24 hours. Swayam was still thinking about where she could go with someone so late at night.

Sharon picks up a piece of the broken container and drinks water from it. She starts

Swayam says it was his mistake. He should have stayed with Sharon at night. Kriya comes in and asks did they come to know anything about Sharon. Rey ask how did she know. She says Vicky told me. Nil says she could have had an accident as well, or may be her phone… They all negate her. He says only a person who had some fight with Sharon can kidnap her. Rey looks at Ruhi. Swayam was frustrated. Rey says they should tell college authority, as they cannot handle it themselves.
Sharon was unconscious.

VP informs police about Sharon’s kidnap.
They all go to VP and tell him Sharon was missing. VP was shocked and asks them when it happened. They say last night. He says she is missing from last night and you people are telling me now. They say they were panicked and forgot to come to him. He says there is a difference between getting panicked and informing me. Kriya says they thought they will sort it out themselves. VP says it is all very serious, we must inform police. Ruhi was worried. She informs Simmi she will be back in a while.

Police comes. They were standing in a queue in VP office. Police man says they will figure out who is helping whom. He tells them to take a step forward. They all step forward together. He says it seems you all are very fast friends. He asks who saw her for the last time. Rey and Swayam says together We! He asks why they saw her. They tell him they dropped her home, because she was not feeling well. He asks who saw them together. They tells Kaka. The police man asks was Sharon only a friend of you. Swayam says no one can give a false name to their relationship. VP sir also asks him to be a bit careful as they are also his students. The police man tells him there were many cases in town where friends give sedatives to the girls, use them and throw them away. He will need them to come to police station when needed. VP agrees but tells him again to be careful about his students.

Ruhi enters the office. VP says this is the other girl, and she is my niece who just came from Indore. The police man asks her about her relations. Ruhi says she is a very good friend who helped me a lot. VP explains she is new to the college and is not very deep in friendship with anyone. Rey thinks how Sharon had told him Ruhi was blackmailing her and saying she could go to any extent. Inspector says since the name of college is involved, we won’t register a case but they are students so they can be called anytime for interrogation.

They are all sitting, except Ruhi. Rey was standing saying they cannot wait putting hands on hands. Simmi says who it could be. Rey says whatever the motive is; I suspect we can find the person in our own group. Swayam asks who he suspected. He says he won’t name that person but they must follow as he says. They all listen to his plan.

Rey gets a call. Inspector informs him they found an accident car, they want them to come and recognize if it was Sharon’s.

Rey thinks Swayam will not follow the plan if he gets to know about it, so he tells him he has an urgent work and leaves.

Ruhi was in library when Swayam comes. She was frightened. He asks what the matter was. She tells him she has always been afraid of police, she asks about Sharon. He informs her police had traces Sharon through the tracker in her cell phone. She argues that her cell phone was off. He tells her that before getting off, the location was traced. She was worried, while Swayam observed her. He tells her she is the first one to know this news, now he will tell the rest of the group. He felt good after talking to her and also offers her to go along him. She says she has some work in the library.

Sharon was unconscious, Swayam standing beside her while Ruhi was sitting with her. She tells Swayam to understand she did it all because Sharon was coming in their way. She had a medicine bottle which she pours into Sharon’s mouth. Swayam tries to wake Sharon up, they take her to hospital. Dr. tells them that poison had spread in the whole body.

Update Credit to: Niki

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