Dil Dosti Dance 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam recalls the times with Sharon at his home. He opens up his laptop and watches the pictures of Sharon. He says that I am missing you, it feels lonely without you. He gets Sharon’s video call, and says he was just thinking about you as he has a lot to share to her. She was sitting quiet, on the other side. Swayam says that today Huma was saved from falling, as she is the lead dancer he was concerned about her; he shows his fear to her that if a drama begins in the personal life of a student. What will he do. He asks she has some problem, why is she not talking. Sharon says that you are talking to your girl-friend and discussing about Huma since then. He says I am sorry, I was just sharing my problem and didn’t have an idea you would dislike it. Sharon says that she is so irritating; she can’t stand her for a moment. She says that Huma must have told you about the dress incident. He asks which dress; not understanding it. Sharon says she will talk to him later, and drops the call. Swayam says that she is annoyed again.

Huma stops a rickshaw at night. A biker stops by, it was Karma. He asks to drop her, she denies. He says that obviously she won’t sit with a guy. She asks what you mean. He says what I mean is, that you are more interested in girls and that is why you are spending an increased time with Ishika. She says that I hate you doesn’t mean I hate the other boys as well. He gets ready to leave and race his bike. She sits behind him. In the way, she says thanks to him. She thinks shall she talk to Karma about the phone call or not. She says that today’s rehearsals were fun. He says they were just good, they both needs to be more serious. She asks what does he think, St. Luois academy is also doing the rehearsals this way. Karma says that he will ask Sharon, or her mom to ask about this. She says that she was just asking casually, and hopes that they win the dance-mania. He says that he has to win at any cost. She asks him that your phone was on charging, did he take it. He asks this much concern? She gets annoyed and asks why he has a problem when she says anything. He skits with the bike, and she shouts at her to behave herself.

She blames that he is making the breaks knowingly. Karma stops the bike, and she comes down. He asks you think I am interested in you, have you seen your face in mirror, it’s like a duck; and doing a cheap thing to impress girl isn’t my style. He tells her to keep her mouth shut until he drops her home. She sits on the bike again.
In the morning, Huma thinks how Avantika called Karma. Her abbu comes with her tea, and asks how is her preparation for dance competition going. She says it is going good. He says that she must win it at any cost, for herself and for him. She assures him that she is trying her best, he says he is sure that she will win. She hopes about winning, and says that if Karma do anything wrong what will they do. She thinks how to tell this to Swayam.

Ishika and Raghv were in kitchen. He asks does she need anything. They both leave, and then come back. She says thank you to him for convincing Sharon to take her in the academy again. He says that if they are late again, Sharon will expel them both. They hit each other. She tells him to maintain the distance. He tells her the same, as it is his house. He asks her to leave for college.

In the college, Huma waited for Karma and hides from him. She follows him to the café.
In the rehearsal hall, Raghv ends the rehearsals. The class leaves, while Ishika gets a call. Raghv tells her to wait in the hall as he has to do the rehearsals. Ishika picks up the call, it was Vishnu. She asks who is it, and hangs on while Raghv comes there to do the rehearsals. She is unable to concentrate. He says that this is because she isn’t focusing. He tells her that if she won’t do it, they won’t be able to do the duet too. She says that she will even ruin his dance. He tells her it is all fine, and gives her a glass of water.

Huma follows Karma to library, and thinks she must change her strategy to find about Karma. He comes from behind and hugs her. He is irritated. She says that they must work on their chemistry, so they should give casual hugs. He tells her to stop the drama, as they will work on their chemistry in rehearsals. She says that this is called bonding chemistry, they must spend time to develop bond. Karma turns around in the corridor to say no, she says that she will stay with him. He heads to toilet and asks her to come. She thinks this plan has failed too, she must follow the original plan.

Raghv sits on the stool to tell Ishika about a story. He begins the story of a girl who loves dancing, and becomes Madhuri Dixit while dancing. She has fought her owns for dance. He asks who that girl is? He says that the girl is you!

Avantika comes there, and asks about the practice. They say it is going good. Avantika says that Sharon has given her dance practice responsibility to him? He agrees. She asks Ishika to make up for her missed classes. She says all the best to her and leaves.

Swayam claps for Sharon on video call, saying he is so proud of her. He says that he is annoyed at her, as she didn’t come online. She says that she was busy, preparing for presentations. She says sorry, and asks about the rehearsals. He says they aren’t bad, and finishing is missing. He says that it’s not like a performance like you and me. She says that she must be there in such crucial time, wonders what her students are doing. He says that you should always with me, I miss you. She says that she will come there wrapping it all up till weekend. She gets her mom’s call, and hangs on.
In the college, Huma was in the hall while Karma talks to a guy. She thinks this a student of St. Luois, what is he talking about to him. She says that her doubts are proving right. She comes to him and asks him clearly that she wants to know the truth, why Avantika was calling him. He says that whatever she is thinking is right, Avantika Rai Prakash offered him a deal.

PRECAP: Sharon dances while Swayam watches it keenly. She brings Swayam into it, and they both dance vigorously.

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