Dil Dosti Dance 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam is shocked to recognize Sharon and Simmi. Swayam asks if they are stalking on him. Sharon blames that he has been stalking. Swayam says two girls have been teasing him. Sharon says he has been, and why is he behind her again. Swayam says he is bored of watching her. Simmi says to both, that someone made idiot of them both and they must leave for Raghv’s farewell. Swayam says she is right, what have they been doing. Sharon leaves.
Raghv says to them all, that he is going to US. Ishika asks him to sit, and be quiet. Raghv says if someone gets quiet like you people, he must definitely get brain tumor. They all laugh. Karma gives Raghv the bag of medicines. Ishika looks for them, and asks for the green medicine. Raghv says he forgot. Dida also comes and says what she must even have done without Ishika, and hugs her. Ishika asks Raghv what he will bring for them. Raghv says he will get ice. Huma comes and hugs Raghv. Karma asks them not to be senti, Raghv is so irritating that the illness will also run away. Raghv says they must go to garage, and meet the team. Dida asks Ishika to do her packing, she has arranged for her passport and ticket. They all cheer. Dida says she has taken so much care of Raghv, and tells them both not to fight over there.
In the garage, the arrangement was all done. Seema and Sharon arrive with Swayam. Sharon asks where Raghv, he taps at Sharon’s shoulder and kneels down to give red rose to Sharon and says this is for the first crush of mine in the college. Sharon accepts it, and cries. Raghv says tears doesn’t suit such beautiful face. Sharon hugs him. Raghv watches them all sitting, and asks is this party really for him; should they begin. The boys hold Raghv in air, cheering. Simmi asks them to bring the cake. Raghv thanks them all. Ishika begins crying, Raghv says he proposed Sharon in front of her so she must cry. They hug. Raghv asks for a dance performance. All the couples dance, they all gift Raghv a collage of photos. Raghv dances vigorously. Ishika and he leaves the garage, turns back to see them all crying and goes away. They all held the boards saying Come back soon, Get well soon.
Sharon helps Sara in the washroom, as she feels nauseatic. She asks what happened to her, Sara says she feels dizzy and is nauseatic.
Rey talks on phone to the land owner, he said he has some more buyers as well. Rey assures him that he will arrange for him money within the given time. He watches Sara and Sharon coming, Sharon says she is a bit dizzy. Sara says she will be fine. Nil says there is some bad eye on their group. Rey asks them all to look for the sponsor, and is worried why Sara is getting dizzy.
Karma sits with Huma, he asks if she liked it or not. Huma and Karma text each other with hearts. Huma says he will like it much, when he will know that she know everything about the bet. Karma holds Huma’s hand, the teacher tells them to go out. They both laugh, and heads to garage as it was practice time.
Rey gets a call, and comes out as there was no voice inside. Two goons hold him, and tell him to listen to the man. Rey says he will arrange the money for him. The man asks how he will do it; Rey says he will arrange a musical. The man laughs, and asks Rey for the guarantee that the deal will benefit him. Rey asks for two days time from him.
In the garage, Sara asks the girls about the stalker. Simmi denies, but Sharon says it was Swayam, she will catch it him red handed. Nil asks Swayam if he found the stalker, Swayam tells him all about the café’s event. Nil laughs aloud. Nil points at Sharon, and says she will eat him up. Sharon roars from the distance, quietly. Swayam throws a ball at her. She gives him a kick. The fight continues, from distance.

PRECAP: Swayam asks the man on phone how much he loves her. He says so much. Sharon and Simmi watch Swayam talking to someone downstairs too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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