Dil Dosti Dance 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th December 2013 Written Update

Rey comes to VP’s cabin where he finds the press.VP sir tells him they are here o know about the exchange program and since him and Kriya are doing it its good they speak. Kriya comes to the VP’s cabin. VP introduces Reyaansh and Kriya to media people and moves out for some work..Rey asks Kriya the academy has not started and she is doing this for lime light. Kriya asks Rey to speak with the VP for the same.The reporters start the interview asking Kriya how is feels to be back as she is ex-student. Kriya replies this college is like a family and has given her a lot so it feels good.The reporter questions saying her New York dance institute is going to have a tie up with St.Louis,will she gain profits.Kriya answers saying to come back home one does not see profit or

loss. The reporter directs the next question to Rey asking what does he say when Rey replies with no ones sees profit or loss.Her work in New York was finishes and she came back here.Kriya says dreams are important to be fulfilled. The reporter asks Rey Kriya is ex-student of this college how does it feel. Rey says its unbelievable. He adds she is a busy person so her coming here was a surprise to us. Vp comes in and asks is it over and the reporters agree.They asks Vp about the annual fest when VP invites them to the event. They reporters take pics and leave.

The boys are in rehearsal hall waiting for kriya to come saying does her time work by America’s time now.How long is she going to wait. Swayam asks the boys to act mature.They just have six months to pass out from college.Swayam gets a message from Kriya saying she is in VP sirs cabin. Swayam excuses himself and asks moves to VP’s cabin.Rey and Kriya come out Swayam asks what happened.Rey says mam needs limelight.Press came. Kriya says yes I know who will get the limelight once the dance academy opens. Swayam asks Rey is he coming for rehearsals when Rey says yes he will.Ditching rehearsal will be like ditching Sharon’s trust and ditching is not his type. Swayam asks about Chandigarh trip while Rey says he will manage. He has to open the dance academy in 3 months. Swayam corrects him as his dad gave him 6 months ultimatum . Rey says he has given himself a 3 months ultimatum. Rey moves, Swayam asks Kriya why was she rude.Kriya says Rey thinks she is giving sympathy to them.Making a Dance academy is important be it international tie up or the investor.If I’m good he feels I’m sympathizing he does not know that to make him win I can loose anything.Swayam asks are you of my age. Kriya is confused and replies yes. Swayam says you speak like a granny. Swayam moves to Rehearsal hall and Kriya says she will join them soon.

The boys are in the RH when a new professor comes in. Vicky sneezes .The guys ask is he their new professor. The professor says the identity of human is not by name but by the character.He adds saying boys would have n been happy if it was a female teacher.He tells about his college days English teacher when Nil starts telling about Nichole.Vicky tries to stop him but Nil continues. He says to make a girl fall 3 things must be followed. Must say what heart feels, never lie and compliment them.Vicky tries to pull the boys out but they do not agree. Professor says nothing happens over internet one must speak face to face face like internet connection even relationship cut off. You must be unique and act like a man. The professor moves saying he will meet them in class. Nil says the professor is cool when Vicky says he is a fool. Nil asks does Vicky know the professor and Vicky replies with a no.

Rinnni and Simmi in canteen when Rinni asks how is all going Simmi says its god. Simmi tells Rinni about the online friend and shows pictures. Rinni tells they looks cute.Rinni asks about workshops when Simmi says not much has happened.Rinni moves to library to borrow some books.Rey gets a call from his friend saying Mr.Kapoor like his offer and asks if he is coming.Rey says he will come tomorrow.The friend asks Rey to meet Raghuvanshi soon.Rey says so many people rejected it and now cause of you I’m going to meet him.They both decide to meet at airport. Rey thinks Kriya Ghai take as much limelight as you want once I make dance academy on my own all attention will be on me.

Precap: Kriyaansh Dance

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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