Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2013 Written Update

Taani tells about the rehearsal hall cannot be used for practicing for their events and asks them to inform Sharon to make faster arrangements for the money.Vicky says he has one plan.Swayam asks Sharon whats the problem.Sharon asks him how do you know.Swayam says must I really tell this.Sharon says that Taani asked for the fee.She says she was about to inform Rey and Him.Swayam says not Rey he already is with different type of problem.Sharon says what will they do now.Swayam says they will have to put their pocket money.Vicky says that there is no need to hide anytime.They have a plan.When Sharon and Swayam asks what is the plan the gang stays silent.Sharon asks whats the surprise.Vicky says you will have to be the scrape goat.

Swayam is confused with Scrap goat.Rey is in the projector room when Taani enters.He was calm.She asks will you behave like this with me now.Rey says no and tells about Aashi mail to the authorities.Taani says she has seen it.Rey tells that they will come to know the dates later and is silent.Rey says he is sorry he must have not acted like that once he has promised her.He asks that they have to gear up.Taani asks she just came to know from the Dance team that there is lot more than Dance.She asks Rey will he teach her dance like it was done previously.He says it would be his pleasure and Taani hugs him.

The D3 team enters the Westwood college and were asking Swayam to be bold and brave and speak up.Swayam says he does not know that what they are doing is right or wrong.Sharon says its write.When they did deny payment using his Dad’s name they are just using it up to get their due back.Rinni asks him to not behave like a looser as he did in the Birthday party.Sharon asks her to stay quite as the situation there was different.Barath says now Sharon understands him.Vicky stops them and asks them to concentrate on what they have come for.They move in.The gang stops to ask some students about Siddique’s office.Sharon says she knows and moves.

The pune stops them from entering the cabin saying he is busy in meeting and not here.They asks for where the conference room is.The attender does not allow them to go and so Swayam says they are here for the meeting and are from Student body.The attender gets confused the gang to agrees on student body and moves in the direction of the conference room.

The gang enters saying if you have Mr.Shikawat we have his son.Seeing Mr.Shekhawat Barath says they must move out else Swayam’s dad will not leave him.When the gang was about to move out Swayam says they will not go until they are given their due.Mr.Shekhawat comes to know that they were not paid taking up his name.Sharon comes forward and says that their minimum amount is Rs 15000.They were not even given this when they were told payment will be made seeing their performance.Mr.Shekhawat gets up to leave the room when the Head asks Siddique to clear the issue and they take the team with them.Swayam thanks his father.The head asks if they had told this previously then this issues would not have risen at all.Mr.Shekhawat says that what he came for now.Isn’t that how his friends addressed at the start.

Rey and Taani are in the rehearsal hall a bit lost in each others eyes.Rey asks her does she remember that stretching is very important.Taani names a few and they start practicing.First Rey does that with her and later he asks her to do it and corrects her in few instances.Tujko jo paya is played in background score when Rey and Taani have some sweet moments among each other.Taani bends back when Rey hold her and gives a kiss on her forehead.

Precap:The team gets news about the elimination dates and starts dancing.Her tauji asks Taani she is still in home.she informs that she is bit late.Tauji asks her that he will drop her and will also get a chance to meet her friends and Rey.Rey and team rehearsing in college.Taani gets worried.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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