Dil Dosti Dance 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance
Bharat says about Kriya that when Kriya came to the college for the first time, and we all stood for her I knew it then you are daring. Kriya says he didn’t giveup dance till now though he didn’t agree. She says whats wrong about him is that he talks rudely sometimes. Rilli says that she likes Kriya’s Indian look and now the turn over. She appreciates that Kriya never judges anyone. Kriya says Rilli is innocent and that is her weakness even. Sharon says Kriya is determined. Kriya says that Sharon is ambitious and has a competitive attitude. She says the bad thing is that you sometimes get rude unknowingly. Swayam says had Kriya not been here they would have no team so thanks to you. And if one should learn to be friends being away he should learn from her. Kriya says the other name of commitment is Swayam, she says to Swayam that he should take care no one takes the advantage of his being good. Swayam says Rey it’s your go. He says Kriya’s best quality is that she doesn’t get emotionally attached to people and moves on quickly. He would learn this from her. Everyone is quiet, Swayam asks what he just said. Rey says it’s a game and he said what he thinks. He is about to leave Kriya says its her turn, he sits down again. Kriya says that the best thing about Rey is that he considers his friends his life, can even give up dance for them. She says his worst quality is that he doesn’t want to understand anyone. She leaves, Sharon goes behind her.
Kriya comes inside the room and cries hugging Sharon. Sharon tells her to understand it is difficult for Rey to let her go. She says it isn’t easy to get love else she should have fallen for Swayam quite early. She tells Kriya that love is not in our hands while all the rest of the things are. Kriya says she will leave now, as she has to go packing and also request Sharon not to ask anybody come to airport. They hug and Kriya asks her to keep in touch. Sharon brings Kriya outside and announces she is finally going. They all hug her saying good bye. She turns to Rey, he thinks she won’t even say bye for once. She also thinks the same and leaves.
They all leave, Rey also begins to go but Swayam stops him and asks him not to keep grudge. You shouldn’t let her left feeling guilty. Sharon also asks him to think about it. He goes away.
Rey comes home and thinks about Kriya. There Kriya also thinks about Rey. It’s morning. Rey’s father comes inside. Rey asks dad how you are awake so late. He tells him its morning and has brought coffee for him. He hands him a letter he found outside. It was Kriya’s. She says she didn’t want to leave without telling her but she wants to tell him that he is special for him and his anger affects her a lot. She asks for him a promise to remain smiling always as he is the strength of their group. Dad asks if everything is ok, he says he knows its Kriya’s so he knows there is something in it that made him lost. He tells him Kriya is leaving. Dad says I am sure Kriya must have said I love you. He says he knew that she love him but he must let go of his ego. She won’t say anything to him before him. He says he called her to propose but he gotta know she is leaving. Dad says he must have said his heart out atleast.

PRECAP: Rey goes looking for Kriya, he calls her loud but she has ear pins on in her ears.

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