Dil Dosti Dance 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishika was in class room, Raghv comes to her. She says she feels something bad is about to happen. Karma comes in, Raghv says the bad has come here already. The professor comes to announce a surprise. He says that you people will have a surprise test, which will be marked in internal assessment. Karma smiles saying to Raghv that you are finished as you concentrate more on girls. the question papers are distributed. Raghv says to Ishika you were right, something bad is going to happen. Karma deals with Raghv that if he even passes the exam through cheating he will touch his feet while if he fails he will touch. Raghv knows nothing, while Karma fills the sheets; Huma in full attempt to see his papers. The professor tells everyone to give their papers to CR who will bring them to the staff-room. Karma was the last one to give his paper to Raghv. Raghv thinks, what was the need to pretend like a hero in front of that Karma. He switches the roll no.s on answer sheets.
Some students were discussing about St. Luois acadmy, Huma’s ammi comes to ask them they must know her daughter Huma and call her here. The students ask is she sure Huma is in the same academy? Raghv listens to them and comes to her ammi. He sends those students away and tells her ammi that these students never attend the classes themselves. Huma comes there. Her ammi says she thought about seeing her college, and they will go home together. Huma tells her to wait out. Huma beats Raghv as he says she must come again. Raghv tells her that her ammi was about to know about her secret. Huma gets worried. Raghv boasts she was saved by him. Huma hugs him, saying her ammi must not know about her truth. Raghv tells Huma to go as her ammi is waiting. Karma comes to the door, thinking he never knew I will know about such a secret. Now see, how I use it.
Ishika comes to rehearsal hall; she thinks she is on time. Raghv also comes running and says wow, he is on time. He says he thought his partner was going to be selected today. Ishika asks what if some other guy was selected. Raghv says he is the best. He asks her what if she gets selected. She says that Sharon is already annoyed with her. They discuss about other girls. He flirts with another class mate, as Ishika watches them. Sharon comes to the class and starts with the warm up.
Swayam made the budget and was frustrated with the academy work. Rey gets online, he says he has been so busy here upon the medical reports. He says that there are some medicines which aren’t approved yet, so the treatment will take some time. He asks about the academy. Swayam says that when he will return, this will be the biggest academy of India. He then confesses there are problem, and he isn’t as optimistic as he sounds. Rey gets busy with a call and log out.
The roof of the rehearsal hall was leaking, Swayam felt frustrated that they don’t even have a place to practice. He says that he will call someone to fix it. They get him; Simmi tells Swayam to take an off today and makes him run. Vicky and Bharat argue, while everyone was frustrated. They get nostalgic about their fights together. Simmi gets their attention back, Nil and everyone hope there isn’t problem in couple dance because of Karma and Huma.
Karma stops Huma in the corridor, she says she remembers and he will get his second installment. He says that your mom came here, was she here to see the college or academy. Huma fears if he knows about her lie. She says she isn’t alright, so she brought home- food for her; she showed him college and academy. Karma asks did she like the academy, she must be sad to now she wasn’t selected.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam danced, then kneed the flour together. Swayam’s phone rings, he asks Sharon to see who is calling. She says she also wants to see who is calling him at this time. It was Huma.

Update Credit to: Sona

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