Dil Dosti Dance 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

There was a fight going on among the D3 and some goons of village. They shouted at them, and says that it is Lakhan’s orders that there will be no dancing, else they will beat everyone and won’t leave anyone worth going back to city. They went away.
Simmi says they all wake up, and didn’t know that they will ruin their belongings this way. They wondered that these people aren’t happy with what they are doing for them. Ishika was worried what will happen. Swayam says right now, they have to think about solution. Rey was angry, that they are just angry and doesn’t talk to them well, since when they have come here. What can they do for these people? Sara holds her head, she says she thinks they are approaching the problem from the wrong way, they all want that there must be dance and drama in village but they are only show- casing their own talent from when they came. They must do something, so that villagers can participate with them, and for that they need to do friendship with them. Bharat asks how they will do it. She cheers that she has an idea. She sings song and dances on it. People gather, to watch her, they all join her.

Raghv’s phone rings, and he comes to a side. It was Dr. Sharma, scolding him where he is. He say he was busy. Raghv says he wanted to tell her that he isn’t fine. She tells him that his reports have come, and what happened is what she was afraid of. She says that she didn’t want to tell him like this, but he has brain tumor. Raghv gets quiet for a moment. He asks how bad it is. She suggests him to return soon. She says that she wants to start his treatment as soon as possible, and utilize all the time they have. He says ok, and goes inside.

Sara complained that anyone doesn’t come to help her with water from the well now. Rey comes to help her then, saying that she is helping them a lot too. She says she just shared an idea. Rey says that it worked, and she has no idea that she removed the hurdle of his way, helping him going to his dream. They both pull the rope for water. Sara watches her with a smile. She asks Rey that this dream is really important to him. He says more than his life. She says she also has a dream, and she came here in its search. Rey leaves saying her all the best. She says may be that dream might get fulfilled.

Raghv thinks about Dr. Sharma, and Ishika asking her during his rehearsals, that what about his dance when he has brain tumor (the time he lied to her), the family time together. He says he never thought, that when everything was going so well, this had to come. How will he tell Dida, and Dadu about it, and if they come to know… He cried, saying What a timing God; they doesn’t want him to be happy, but why now? Ishika comes there, asking what is he doing here. He wipes his tears. She asks did he tell Dida on phone that he fell faint again. She comes to him, but he shouts at her to stop it, he just fainted but didn’t die that she is treating him this way. She must not tell him what to do at what time, as it is his life. Huma comes there, and asks what they are doing here, sounding naughty naughty. Raghv leaves. Ishika says that he is unwell today and has always helped her, now he needs her help. Huma asks does she love him. Ishika is shocked.

Vicky comes to a girl, and whispers something in her ear. She laughs and goes away. Nil asks how he does so? Vicky laughs, that it is a secret he will only share with him and shows him his Wild Shine Body Spray. Nil tells him that he is tired now, they say that they didn’t know was Sara dancing for Rey or villagers. Vicky says that another love story is beginning. Nil says that these days, Swayam is worried and doesn’t understand that he should take their relation to next level. Nil wonders how to do this. Vicky says that it is really easy to make girls jealoused. They think about going to help Swayam, and comes calling Sharon.

Sharon asks what happened. They say that she will have problem with whatever Swayam in doing. He is chatting with a girl of first year, Natasha. Sharon asks who Natasha? She says she never saw her, Vicky say Swayam has watched her well, and is chatting with her. Sharon asks so what? They say he was even smiling, during chatting. Sharon says she must have cracked a joke, they must be over thinking as had Swayam been interested in another girl, he must have told her. They leave upset.

Ishika stood under the tree thinking about Raghv and her and wondered love.
Rey and everyone smiled, at night. Sara watches Rey relaxed, and enjoying with his buddies. She thinks about herself with Rey, and smiled. Simmi comes to her and shares chips with her. Sharon watches Swayam taking aims with stones and laughing. She comes to sit with him. Rey watches Sara smiling at him, and feels uncomfortable. Ishika was worried, alone. Karma smiled looking at Huma. Swayam’s phone rings, while Sharon gets upset when he gets involved with it. Rey comes to make up her mood, and dances with her. Sara imagines herself, with Rey.

PRECAP: Rey says to Sara that he likes her too. Sara says she actually loves you. Rey was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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