Dil Dosti Dance 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th November 2013 Written Update

Sharon and Simmi are in the canteen when the former receives a text from Swayam saying that Rey wants to be normal. Simmi teases her and asks whether all is okay as in sorted out between them. Sharon denies. Simmi sympathizes and advices her to use taani’s wedding as a medium to get close to Swayam and win him back. Sharon thinks over it.

Swayam is in his house packing his clothes when his house-keeper asks him to even take his sherwani since Sharon will like it. Swayam says that he and Sharon have no connection at all. The latter says that its clear that Sharon loves him and he can see it in her eyes. Swayam says that is the probem. Sharon only thinks she loves him. He says the latter to continue with the work when he receives a text from Rey saying that he wants to talk tomorrow. Swayam prays that Rey is normal.

All meet in the atrium and are deciding for the engagement when Rey comes and informs all that he cannot come. He gives various lies and walks away from there. All meet in a classroom and decide on what to do. They finally decide that people closest to Rey will stay back so that he doesn’t feel lonely. On further thought Sharon is asked to do so. She gets tensed up that her plan of getting Swayam back will fail.

She is in the locker room and finally decides that Rey has to move on and he can do this only by facing the reality. She walks out only to bang into Swayam. They share a moment. Swayam hands her diwali report and says that he will always be available on phone for any other work. Sharon questions him that she isn’t coming and he is not effected ? Swayam says he hasn’t come here to talk about that. Sharon sighs and says that give the duties to someone else because she and Rey are both coming for the engagement. Swayam becomes happy.

Sharon reaches the terrace and finds Rey depressed and lost. She walks over to him and requests him to come to the engagement. She reasons with him that he has to move on and also this is her last chance to clear everything between her and Swayam. She might sound selfish but being selfish in love is allowed, she states. After thinking for some time Rey agrees that he will do anything for friendship as he can’t see her sad. Sharon gets excited and runs from there. Rey gets tensed as he agreed but how will he find the strength to face taani.

PRECAP : Rey enters the engagement place. He opens a door to find taani sitting there lost. He moves out and taani follows him. They have an eyelock and a conversation.

Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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