Dil Dosti Dance 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance
Sharon notices Kriya getting upset at Rey’s name. She says Rey isn’t understanding her. Sharon hugs and tells her she never shed tears in twenty years of her life. They all make arrangements for farewell. Simmi comes and announces Kriya is here. The lights are turned off; Kriya enters the door, flowers blow on her. She calls them, the lights open and they all enter greeting her. Rey enters the house, they all remark what timing. He looks at Kriya but goes inside without saying a word to her and hugs Swayam. As they all sit down, Swayam asks him quietly what this was. Rey says I told you not to expect anything. Kriya tells Sharon why he is behaving so awkward. Sharon says soon he will be running after you with flowers. They both laugh. Rey thinks she isn’t affected at all by what I am behaving. I shouldn’t have come here. Swayam announces that they are playing a video with all their memories. Kriya and Rey remember their times together.
Rey’s eyes get teary and he leaves. As soon as the lights get on Kriya also leaves, Sharon says she must be back soon. Rey was coming out of the washroom as she gets inside. He begins to leave. She tells her to listen to her. She asks for only one minute of his life on her last day here. She says it wont be easy for her to leave if he will be upset. He asks wont she leave if he remains upset. She says he know its important for her to leave but she can’t see him upset as he is very important for her like all her friends. He asks if he is really important she should have told him before deciding to go back. He says okay, he was fool to not realize that she will have to leave one day, you came here to proof you could get us affiliation and that’s it. Kriya shouts at him saying she thought they were friends but she was wrong. Rey goes inside, everyone was arguing but stops at his entry. Sharon leaves to get the snacks. Swayam tells Rey to try to get normal.
Swayam also comes in the kitchen. Sharon asks is he also thinking about Rey and Kriya. She says Rey is upset with himself because he is unable to stop Kriya. He says they must do something or it will be late. Sharon says she is so selfish that she has started to think about her own struggle for love. Swayam says he can’t hear anything wrong about his girlfriend. Sharon asks is she so good? Swayam says she is the best. They both look into each others’ eyes. The others shout their names; Sharon says she has a plan to bring Rey and Kriya together. Simmi announces now they will all remain here. Sharon says they should end this journey on a happy note, so they will play a game on the last day. Sharon announces they will all tell Kriya’s best quality today and Kriya will tell theirs. Everyone agrees with the game, Rey begins to leave but Swayam stops him. They sit down. Vicky says that Kriya’s commitment is her best quality. Kriya says that Vicky has a good sense of humor. The bad think about him is his playing pranks. Amar says he likes Kriya’s simplicity. Kriya says she likes his cooking, she says you underestimate yourself, you should be confident. Bharat recalls the first time Kriya came to college, Rey remember those times. Kriya looks at him as he is lost.

PRECAP: Kriya says good bye to everyone as Sharon announces that she is finally leaving. She looks at Rey. Rey thinks wont you say even goodbye to me, she also thinks that in your ego you wont even say goodbye to me. Rey’s dad says he should have told her about his love. He says she must have left for airport now. He tells him to go there and give his love story a happy beginning. Rey leaves quickly.

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