Dil Dosti Dance 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th June 2013 Written Update

Taani says the first bad news is they have lost NDC and second good news is that they have lost cause of what Nilesh said is true.Team looses because of that judge.the judge revised the marks and did this.Rey claps and says god job atleast cause of this Swayam .They all cheer up.Sharon thanks Taani.Rey says he needs tam to smile as its not their fault .Sharon says she will try bringing up Jashn back,the team gets even more excited.Sharon smiles seeing Swayam happy and then remembers they think about the question that Rishi asks and thinks she is going mad and moves away.Rey asks the team to come in the rehearsal hall for dance.

The team assembles and notice Sharon missing.Simmi says may be she has gone for Jashn celebrations.Swayam dances really well when the gang is stunned as they have no clue about his injury getting good.They are in a great mood having fun around.Nilesh gives his rap after long time about NDC.Swayam after sometimes says guys don’t get over excited Jashn is not yet fixed.Vicky says it will be.Rey gets a call from Taani where she asks him to meet at the corridor above the rehearsal hall.Rey says he will come in few moments.Rey moves from there to corridor and sees Taani.He asks her why did she call.Taani says she needs an advice.Rey asks are you sure.Taani asks during the time you were the GS did you face a suitation where you wanted to go against the authorities.Rey says it was only during AVP and she knows that.She asks that means no authority someone outside from college.Rey asks what is she thinking.Taani says she plans to put up a case against the judge.Rey instantly says no as they will think St.Louis is crazy.Taani says its not about team but about carrier and one cant play.Rey thinks that now Taani knows about carrier.Taani asks Rey what is he thinking,Rey says what she thinks is right but things cant be done so.

The door bell of Rey’s home ring and Sharon enters speaking with someone on phone.She says she will mail the videos and so .Rey asks who.After Sharon keeps the call and Re asks does he need the punching bag today.Sharon says know.Sharon says its a good news.Rey makes few choices.He asks her did the college give her all time dancer title.Sharon asks Rey does she look so old ,rey sees her kids yes and gets few hits from her.He then asks did they get Jashn.Sharon shouts Yes and hugs Rey.Rey is happy and asks did she inform the team.Sharon tells just now infront of you it was finalized.Rey asks that Sharon must go and tell Swayam directly.Sharon asks at this time.Rey says yes yesterday when you went you didnt think.Swayam is in double mind about dancing or he may reject anytime.

Sharon thinks and says but Swayam’s dad will question him.Rey says she has to decide between it.Sharon thinks and decides she is ready to face the question and answer Swayam’s dad about whats her relationship with Swayam.Swayam is keeping the ice bag when door bell rings he thinks its Taani and opens the door.Sharon is hear.He asks you.Sharon says yes.She enters and searches .Swayam says Taani is not at home.Sharon replies with a hmm.Swayam continues that she will come soon.Sharon says its well and good.Swayam says but does not know when will she come.Sharon asks why are you telling me Taan’s time table.Swayam says you dont like waiting.Sharon replies then why are you making me wait.

Precap: Swaron confession.Sharon realizes her Love for Swayam and a small rain sequence.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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