Dil Dosti Dance 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th January 2014 Written Update

Rey gets soup for Kriya.She says she will have it after sometime.He makes her drink the soup forcefully.Kriya looks at him.Rey realizes his action and gives the soup bowl to her.Kriya makes faces and says who takes sup in breakfast and complaints about the taste.Rey tells her to stop throwing tantrums and have the soup.Kriya suddenly recalls about her project which she needs to send to her Institute ,and she get tensed as she has not started it yet.She tells Rey to get her laptop.Rey tells her to have the soup 1st.Kriya keeps on talking that her Institute faculty will be angry.Rey shouts on her and says she is still very stubborn.Kriya says few habits never change.Rey leaves the place saying he will get her lappy.

In canteen,Vicky and Nil meet gang.Gang start taunt them for

making plans against Kriya.Swayam tries to defend them and says they admitted their mistake.They deserve a 2nd chance.He says everyone deserves a second chance in life.Sharon looks at him with expectant eyes and says she agrees to Swayam.Everyone commit mistakes,they deserve a 2nd chance.Sometimes to do something good,we take wrong path .She says Nil and Vicky should get a 2nd chance for the sake of friendship.Swayam starts thinking after listening to Sharon.He says he will meet them later and leaves the place.

Kriya is writing her project and thinks how to write Project.There were so many things about Annual day.She cant write entire truth and she dont want to lie.Doctor comes and asks Kriya if she is better.Rey says she is better and asks doctor when she can get go home.Doctor says she needs rest and care.Kriya tells doctor she will take a nurse for help.Rey says he will be with her all the time as he is taking Kriya to his place to take care of her.Kriya says how can he decide it alone.She dont want to bother him..Rey says he has already decided.Rey’s dad enters and supports Rey.Rey introduces Kriya to his Dad.She looks confused if he can call him sir or uncle.He says she can call him uncle.He supports Rey and says Kriya can stay at their place.He is bored to see Rey’s face alone,some beauty will make it better.He convinces Kriya to go to his place.He says both of them can trouble Rey .Rey looks at both them surprised.

Vicky and Nil are talking that they had only two motive pf wooing girls and sending Kriya back.Buut they failed at both.They feel bad about what they did to Kriya.Nil says he was very rude to Simi.They decide to help girls and disturb girls while doing so.Nil says a juior that he will mail her the project and suddenly he sees Simi in front of him.Sharon comes there.Nil tries to talk to Simi but she avoids him.Simi asks Sharon about her .they go to canteen to talk.

Rey takes Kriya to her room.Its decorated with balloons.Rey says his dad did all this.Kriya says she will thank him. She sees a card also.Rey tries to help Kriya and accidentally falls on her .They share an eye lock.Kriya thanks him for helping.Rey tells her to let him know if she needs anything.Kriya requests him to treat her like a member of his house not like a guest.Rey says he will call her nurse and check when she is coming.Nurse tells Rey she is not coming.Rey informs Kriya about this and says that is why he told her not to believe out siders.Kriya says she is hungry and cant fill her stomach with Rey’s scoldings .Rey says cook is preparing soup for her.Kriya asks for laptop as she wants to send some mail to her institute.

In canteen,Simi and Sharon talk about Annual Day.Simi says she cant imagine Kriya got injured because of Nil and Vicky.Sharon says they realized their mistake.Simi notices Swayam passing by and asks him to join them.She says Sharon slowly that she is helping her to come close to Swayam.Swayam joins them.Both Sharon and Swayam feel awkward about sitting together.Simi asks Swayam if he has any idea for ISD performance.He says no.Sharon looks at him silently.Simi asks her if anything happened ,why she is so silent.Simi makes some excuse and leave them alone.Sharon tries to stop her but she leaves the place.Swayam and Sharon try to pick a tissue at the same time.Sharon says he can take it.Swayam suddenly leaves the place.Sharon gets hurt again.

Kriya is trying to wear her clock when Rey comes inside.She says he could have knocked.He says he dont have habit of knocking in his own house.Kriya tries to apply medicine.Rey helps her and says he meant it when he said he will take care of her.Rey applied medicine and Kriya admires him.

Precap- VP informs team, that ISD people are not happy with annual day performance.Its possible they will call Kriya back.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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