Dil Dosti Dance 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th September 2013 Written Update

Gang start discussing about their strategy for the game “Tug of war”.Gang seems confused.Swayam steps in and says Rey should stand in front .Rey says Swayam should stand at the back,so that they can balance like always.Swayam ignores him and takes his position.Rey tells Sharon to stand next to Swayam ,Sharon tries to oppose but finally takes her place.During the game,Swayam and Sharon come close to each other.Swayam gets lost in Sharon and recalls all their moments together with “Dil sambhal ja zara” as background score.He looses his grip on the rope for some time while recalling their moments of love.He also remembers the harsh words they have said to each other during their fight.Rey shouts from front and asks for help.Swayam supports him and they win the round.

Gang starts celebrating their victory.Swayam feels awkward for supporting Rey.VP announces Gang as the winner of round 1.Rey thanks Swayam for his support as he was about loose his grip.Swayam replies saying he holding the grip is necessary ,be it a game or a relationship.Sharon taunts Swayams saying people compare their relationship with a game. Rey tries to divert the topic saying they are a great team as they know each others strengths and weakness so well.They all are great friends.Swayam says even enemies know each others strengths and weakness.Good performance doesn’t mean good performance.Swayam leaves the place.Sharon also leaves after him.Gang says this situation is getting heavy and emotional.Rey says gang is doing a great job in acting.

They go for next game.In the next game they have to balance balloons between them.Rey says it should be according to balancing.Sharon says the formation should be according to height.They start argument on this.Gang gets confused and asks Swayam to decide.Swayam says balancing will be better strategy to win.Rey gets happy seeing Swayam supporting him.Sharon agrees to Swayam and gang finalize that strategy.Gang and Swayam leave the place.Rey teases Sharon saying she was not agreeing to him and when Swayam said the same,she agreed.Sharon says nothing like that .She did it only for the team.They go for their next game.

Gang takes position for next game.Swayam and Sharon are next to each other.Swayam tells her to take position and not to increase her temper or else balloon will burst.Amar takes the lead this time after that Nilesh,Simi,Rinni,Aashi,Rey and Vicky take their positions.After vicky Sharon and Swayam take their place.Game starts.In beginning they balance the balloons.But after sometime they loose balance.Boy start doing funny moves to save the game but they loose and other team reaches the final point.

They start blaming each other for loosing.Sharon says because of Rey and Swayam they lost the game.Swayam says they are nor leader or captain that gang is forced to obey them.Rey and boys become happy when Swayam uses “WE” for him and Rey.Sharon leaves the place with all the girls.Boys also make some funny excuse and leave the place.Swayam and Rey start laughing at their funny behavior .Swayam realizes Rey’s presence and stops laughing.Rey asks him that he can’t even laugh in front of him.He tells Swayam that he can fight,blame or slap him .He pleads in front of Swayam not to ignore him.Swayam says he has always ignored his own feeling for others and got pain in return.So now he wants to ignore others .He requests Rey to keep distance from him.Swayam leaves the place.Rey is still hopeful that Swayam accepted them as WE so he will forgive him soon.

Next activity is again a balancing act where they need to walk together with help up a board(forgot the name of the game :P) .They start discussing about their plan.Sharon says do she need to say anything.Swayam replies lets do it.Whole gang wonders what they are talking about as Sharon didn’t tell any plan.Swayam says Sharon is talking about balancing according to height.Gang leave the place except Seayam ,Sharon and simi.Simi asks Swayam how he understood Sharon when she didn’t even speak anything.Swayam avoid her question and leaves.Sharon is shocked to know only Swayam still understands her so well.Gang takes position for next game.

Precap:VP sir says the team which will win the game will take responsibility to arrange Ganpati festival of ST Louis.So if any team is not ready to take responsibility they can step back.Swayam and Sharon start fighting as they don’t want to work together.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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