Dil Dosti Dance 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon and Rey plan that they must divide into teams to find Sara. They all scatter, and ask the villagers about Sara. They are all unable to find her. Sara comes from behind, and asks what is happening here. Rey moves forward to hug her, and says thanks god she is fine. She asks that they treat her after a little nap, and tells them that she was sleeping in Vicky’s hut. She asks why should she have told him all this, so that he would shout at her again. He says sorry. She says these little things happen in small villages. Sharon hugs her, and asks her where her phone is. She holds her ears, and says she doesn’t know about it.

Rey thinks this Sara doesn’t take this hug and concern in a different meaning. He takes Kriya’s photos, and says he loves her and misses her so much; he wishes she was with him and hugs her photos.

Sharon sat lost, when Swayam takes her photo and says she looks beautiful when lost. She says she is tensed, he says he know she is thinking about Rey. He says he has noticed Rey after Sara’s arrival. Sharon asks shall she tell Sara about Rey. He says they must let what is happening. She cheers that there life isn’t that complicated. He takes her hand and dances with her, promising theirs won’t be complicated.

Nil, Vicky and Bharat discuss that Swayam and Sharon are lucky to get a separate room, and wonders what they must be doing. They come to see them, and make up that they came to see everyone is safe. Sharon shouts that she knows they are peaking in a couple’s room. Nil asks why, were they doing something. The both say no. They leave, apologetically.

Karma and Raghv slept together. Raghv held Karma’s face, asking what happened Deepu? Are you angry? Karma asks who is this Deepu. He turns Raghv’s side telling him there is Deepu. He turns to other side, where Huma was asleep on the floor. He looks at her, smiles and moves her hair from her face. She wakes up, and asks what is she doing. He says there is rat on her head. She wakes up shouting; Ishika and Raghv are also awake. Raghv asks Karma why they are shouting. Karma says there is rat. They begin to shout again. Karma held his head.

In the morning, Ishika asks Raghv that he is still weak and must go back. He says there are always ups and downs in life. She suggests calling Deeda, but Raghv is frustrated.

Ishika and Huma tell all that there was rat in their room. Sara couldn’t catch the steps. Swayam suggests that they must incorporate some Indian steps. Sara smiled looking at Rey, and tells Sharon she can’t do it. She holds Rey’s bottle, he leaves it for her. Raghv feels dizzy, and sits. Ishika shouts and everyone comes to tell him to rest.

They thought will they be successful, Simmi says she is hopeful that Rey must fulfil Kriya’s dream. Huma comes to say, Sara is also watching some dreams. Raghv comes there, they all tease him. Karma goes inside to sleep, rejecting Simmi’s offer to join them. Huma asks for Swayam and Sharon. Simmi says that the love birds must be in their room.

Sharon struggles with her jacket, when Swayam helps her. He keeps hand on her mouth and they get cozy. He leaves her at once, and says I am sorry as he isn’t undersanding shall they forward a step. She hugs him and says if he isn’t prepared for it, they can wait. She makes him quiet, and says they must concentrate on musical. After this they will only think about themselves. He hugs her. She suggests to sleep. In bed, Swayam thinks that he and Sharon have seen a lot together. He fears there comes any complication in his life, but what is the guarantee. Kriya also loved Rey. He thinks he can’t lose Sharon, and looks at her who was sound asleep.

PRECAP: Rey and team practiced dance, in front of the village.

Update Credit to: Sona

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