Dil Dosti Dance 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th June 2013 Written Update

Swayam so Finally Finally you got in love with me.If you love me so much then why didn’t you ring the bell.She bangs on the door and all this seems to be imagination.She rings the bell and Swayam opens it .She enters asking for Taani.Swayam says Taani is not at home.He asks her why did she come to meet .She tells she wanted to speak about Jashn and Swayam will participate.Sharon gets him the medical reports and says its all fine.Even X-ray is good.He only needs ice pack.Just then Mr.Rishi enters the house saying whats it.A person who is scared from within what does medical reports mean to him.Sharon calls him and says when you can support Taani why can not you support your on son.What kind of a father are you.Rishi replies I’m his father thats why I know him but whats your relation with him that you keep defending him.

Sharon is confused a bit.She is about to answer when swayam stops her saying Sharon its Ok for now and you can go home.Sharon moves out thinking about what relationship she shares with Swayam.While Rishi is moving in Swayam asks him Sorry on behalf of Sharon too.His dad replies saying really Swayam you think she needs a Sorry.I dont feel so and so does she.There is something more into this.Swayam says for the first time I’m agreeing with you dad.There is definitely something going on,

Sharon keeps walking thinking of something when she hits with Taani and falls.Sharon keeps saying whats the relation.Taani asks what are u doing hear.Sharon says came to meet Taani but she is not hear.Taani is suprised and says I’m just behind you Sharon.Sharon says they will speak the next day and Taani too says he needs to say something.

Rey is in his home cleaning the things that has been accumulated when door bell rings and Sharon enters.She comes in and throws the cushions hear and there and when Rey is about to ask he gets a punch in his stomach.Rey then holds the punching bag as his shield when Sharon beats it every time he guesses who is the reason of her anger getting so many punches.He tells her punches are great and she can have a great future in games.He says Swayam and she again punches.Sharon then tells its Swayam’s dad.Rey asks shocked that you went so late to his house.Sharon says to meet Taani to tell about Jashn.Rey mocks saying you could not tell him tomorrow.Why would I laugh that to to a guy whom you don’t have any feelings.Sharon asks how do you know.Rey says only a idiot will not know and removes her boxing gloves.Sharon scolds Rey asking why are you teLling Swayam an idiot.The teasing continues for a few more when Sharon asks Rey is he her friend or enemy.Rey says its a great question and says he is frenmy.Rey explains I’m your friend but also your enemy.Sharon holds a bat and runs behind Rey saying she wont leave him.

A new day at college when the gang is a bit sleeps and waiting for Taani.They are confused as to why Taani has called them now.Neha comes and asks and still none knows.They walk in corridor in search of her and asks where are Swayam,Sharon and Rey.Swayam is in corridor walking when he gets a breeze.Sharon is in atrium and both walk parelly Sharon lost in her thought and Swayam seeing her.They meet at the entrance of a class when Swayam asks are you fine.Sharon says she is good and remembers what his dad asked her.they both are there when Rey moves and sees it.He asks if your work is over can we move in before our class starts hear.Taani comes in.The gang asks whats the news about is it good or bad.Taani says its both good and bad.Gang asks her to say the bad news first.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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