Dil Dosti Dance 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 12th March 2013 Written Update

Swayam is in the room thinking about all the happenings of the day.He gets a message from Sharon asking him to meet her in the college in 20 mins.Swayam thinks why has Sharon asked him to meet that too at two in the night.Swayam enters the college atrium that is dark.Suddenly a light comes up and Sharon enters in.She starts dancing to Maan barisiyo sequence..First a bit she dances and later Swayam too joins her in Dance.She falls down and her health gets bad.Swayam tries to help her but she avoids him and runs to take the puff and inhale it.Swayam asks her what happened and is stunned,shocked to see Sharon taking up the inhaler.She sits back .

Swayam asks her that you are away from dance cause of this.He tells sorry to her.He says they will think something to which Sharon says that her only her will handle it..Swayam says he is feeling really guilty.Sharon asks him not to.It was not her intention.She just wanted to answer his questions.She adds saying she did not do this to make him feel guilty.Swayam asks her when did all this happen.Sharon says during Dance camp.Swayam says why didn’t she tell it before.Sharon says she did not know it at beginning but later came to know its too serious.She did not want sympathy.Swayam asks what sympathy damn it.Sharon says she does not want all this tears and all.She wants it better.She already feel all this when she is alone so does not want it to happen in groups too.

Swayam says people who love you will be sad.She says she does not want anyone’s sympathy especially his.She says that the truth of her life,the stress of her life is all infront of him.She does not want more.Swayam says he does know that she thinks he is stress of her life.God knows how much he tried to remove it but it did not occur.He wont stress her more..He wont impose her or trouble her more.

Swayam moves few steps back and asks she needed a break up nah so here it is.Anything for you Sharon.Sharon sits down crying.Swayam sits behind her and asks can he say something to her.He says that she must do it the reverse way.She has to fight this asthma.She has to dance to let her passion out.He says he knows that its chronic.Sharon says its very difficult. Swayam says its not so she has did that in India Fest and also now.Sharon says that their talk in over now and gives her hand for a shake saying bye.

Swayam moves out of the atrium and Sharon breaks down crying remembering all the moments of past spent with him.Sharon thinks you agree to everything that i ask so easily Swayam.Why do you Love me so must..

Sharon goes to Rey’s home and Hugs him.She asks him to promise her one thing.Taani asks Swayam what happened to which He says bahut kuch hua hai but dont ask more.Nilesh and Vicky trying to call Sharon when her mobile is unreachable.Rey and Swayam look at each other

Update Credit to: asmaju

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