Dil Dosti Dance 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam asks the receptionist about Karma. The doctor comes and asks does he know about Karma. Swayam asks that he knows Karma. The doctor tells him that Karma had to make his payment, he must clear his dues. Swayam asks is Karma admitted here. The doctor says it is his elder brother who was found in drug overdose, and poor Karma has to pay his bills without being able to talk to his parents. Swayam regrets spilling all his frustrations upon Karma.
Huma gets Ishika inside, and tells her that she will talk to her mother as that she can stay here for a few days. Ishika tells Huma that Vishnu wants me to be his servant, for he helped her in her hard times; but she cant. Huma says that she is proud of her, as she has taken a big step.
Swayam turns around to find Karma, he says thank you. Swayam says that I am sorry. Karma says that one can’t always be sorry, as he doesn’t live his life. Karma was distressed. Swayam asks he should have clarified himself, Karma asks what to clarify about- that his brother is in the rehab and takes drugs. Swayam says that he should take any decision angrily as D3 needs him. Swayam asks can he arrange money for his brother. Karma says he has done it, he doesn’t want his trust, his sympathy or anything. Karma leaves.
Swayam comes home, and says sorry to Sharon. She asks where he went this late. He says it is personal for someone and says sorry to her again and again. She hugs him. He says that they must go to sleep, she says she doesn’t want to. He says that he will make her sleep. They come to room, Sharon lie down on bed while Swayam sits beside her. He asks her to close her eyes, She asks what is the guarantee he wont do anything. He asks can’t he? She agrees and closes her eyes. He massages her head, plays a music and tells her to focus on it. She seems to have fallen asleep, he comes closer to her. When he finds her asleep, he was about to leave. She holds his hand, sits on the bed and asks why he stopped. He tells her to sleep, she kisses him. He says it is late, and leaves saying good night to her.
Nil and Vicky were drunk in the academy. They discuss what Swayam sees in Karma. Vicky asks what if Bharat’s father sells the academy, Nil says he is thinking about doing MBA. Vicky says he will tell Simmi about it, they both get hyper that they are just drinking orange juice. Nil asks Vicky to do MBA.
Huma hides Ishika as her ammi comes home. She asks why is she awake so early, she goes to buy vegetables daily. Huma says she thought about getting some good habits from her, her ammi goes inside and she tells Ishika to leave. Her ammi comes to give her a new dress. Huma asks this must be very expensive, but he ammi says she can do it. Her ammi tells her she talked to someone about film audition. Huma says that she will go there. Her abbu says that whatever was going on yesterday’s night, he is aware. She holds her ears, they hug.
Swayam was making the team practice. He was frustrated and shouts and this isn’t the way to practice. All the team was not focusing. He shouts at them and goes on a side in frustration. Simmi asks shall he take a break, he says that he will tell a sorry to Karma. Swayam says we did wrong, and he should know about his brother. Bharat gives him water. Swayam says that he just lost it; they all suggest that they say sorry to him. He says that it isn’t about apology, its that we are all committed to dance. They must ask Karma that will he come her with the same commitment? Karma says that he want to come here always, they turn to look at him. They all apologize, but he says he doesn’t need that, nor trust or sympathy. Karma isn’t here for friendship, but if they have to dance then Karma is the man.

PRECAP: Vicky calls Simmi that a girl is living in Swayam’s bedroom. Swayam tells Sharon that according to the diary it is a coffee date day.

Update Credit to: Sona

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