Dil Dosti Dance 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th September 2013 Written Update

Gang reach their destination and on the way to their rooms they are recalling moments spent in the same place .As ashi is new in the grup simmi and rinni tell her about their previous trip and how this place is special for them.Rey plays a trick and takes them near the lake where they have many memories related to Girls Vs Boys and Weaklings Vs Dazzlers .Swayam remembers the moments where he and Rey tried to bring weaklings and dazzlers close for the 1st time.Rey notices Swayam lost in thoughts.He tells to himself that he won’t let Swayam recall memories alone.He tries to start discussion about Weakling Vs Dazzler days and the moments related to that place.He tells Aashi that they had so much fun there.He says in this place for the 1st time someone tried to finish the division of Weaklings and dazzlers.That person was not anny dazzler ,he was an weakling Swayam .Gang continue with him that Swayam is the real Dazzler and Rey is not even worth of being an weakling.Its a part of their plan to pacify Swayam.Swayam recalls those memories .Rey says he has done so many mistakes and boys start acting with him.He leaves the place to avoid those moments and Rey.He reminiscences the moments when boys of both the teams decided to work together to win over girls team.He and Rey trying to get them close to each other.

Girls move towards their room and guys stay back .Nilesh notices the stairs where they discussed about girls and their experience with girls in the previous trip.Gang reminds Swayam that he is the most experienced person with girls.Swayam leaves the place with gang.Rey says Swayam can’t remove him from his memories.

In girls room ,all the girls are tired.Sharon is recalling the moments during trip.When Swayam was away from her.Sharon says to herself that this trip will bring backk so many memories.She need to keep herself unaffected by those moments.Simmi and Rinni say that this place made their tension so light .Aashi says others are fine but Swayam looks so lost.Sharon gives her an irritated look.

In Boys room all the boys act as if they are avoiding Rey and leave him alone.Swayam notices their cold behavior towards Rey.Vicky ,Amar and Nilesh say that everything has changed but Sharon is still the same with dazzler attitude.Swayam stops them from saying anything about Sharon and goes out.Girls are confused to see Sharon like this.

Sharon is walking alone and recalling her moments with Swayam .When they were alone together for 1st time.She is hurt now.She was confused then.She remembers his words when he asked her why she is angry with him.She recalls their boat ride where Swayam said predictable is boring.Near the pool Swayam is recalling the moments they spent so close to each other in the pool .He thinks they were far yet so close ,now they are close yet so far from each other.

Sharon gets upset with all those memories where Swayam was close to her.She starts crying.Rey reaches there.He tells her she recalled some special moments with Swayam so she is upset .Sharon says not to get affected by her .As he is nobody to each other. Rey says they are best friends.So everything related to her will affect him.Sharon melts due to his words.She hugs him and starts crying.Rey assures her that he will make everything fine between her and Swayam.Sharon tells him to stay away from them and not to come between them as its too late.She runs from that place.Rey blames himself for their fight and thinks he needs to do something before its too late to mend mistakes.He cant let Swayam and Sharon break apart.

Precap:Ashi and Swayam talking to each other about relationships .Sharon gets angry and interrupts between them.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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