Dil Dosti Dance 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharon is worried hearing Sara and Rey’s truth. Sara keeps on explaining, that she doesn’t know anything. Sharon says she doesn’t want to have any justification. Sharon says she knows she feels for Rey, and Rey has also shared the moment so there is something. Sara denies, that there is only awkwardness and guilt. Sharon says she must try and get normal, all the awkwardness will go. She asks him to call him, and meet him casually. Sara says this will pose that she is trying to impose herself. Sharon says she must not think about him.
The doctor tells Dida that hallucinations are the side effects of the illness, the tumour hasn’t increased. They must admit him to hospital. Dida pampers him, crying. She hugs him saying she won’t let anything happen to him.
Karma wakes up on sofa, on a door bell. He watches the time, and says it is so early. Huma stands outside, and says Good morning anniversary boy. She asks if he isn’t happy seeing her, as he called her sunshine that day. Huma says she will make a breakfast for her, as today is their one-week special anniversary. Karma asks who celebrates it, she says we will. She heads to show him his gift, it was a scrap book with their fighting pictures, their dream home, a dog. Karma jerks the memory of them both on the bike, and cries with a no. Huma asks what happened, but he takes leave for bike. Huma laughs that a full blast is still left.
Simmi says to Sharon that she is taking so much stress. Sharon says Swayam is posing as if he doesn’t care about the breakup. Simmi says she even took the revenge, by posting a picture. Sharon says she didn’t. Simmi says she can tell her, but Sharon says she don’t know who did, and who cares. Simmi says she doesn’t believe the last part of sentence. Sharon says ok, she does care. Simmi tries to cheer her up, and asks her to bring ice-cream. Sharon cheers.
Sara and Rey come to coffee shop. Sara thinks why she saw him outside, Rey thinks why they come across. Sara says Sharon told her to be normal. They come to each other. Rey says he got the parking, Sara says there isn’t even a valet. He asks about Sharon, Sara says she is just like her. Rey asks if she wants to discuss anything. Sara asks doesn’t she think they have shared a lot. Rey tries to explain, but Sara says there is no point in discussing the issue as it has no solution. They head inside together. The boys teases Nil about Simmi. They are happy to see Sara and Rey together. Sara says she can’t be so angry everytime. Swayam comes there saying thanks she isn’t upon her sister.
Ishika comes running to Raghv, and shows concern. She asks why Dida brought him here. Raghv tells her to calm down, and says it was just a BP low and he thought about staying here. Ishika says she will ask doctor, but Raghv holds her hand and asks her to do something for her. Dida asks her to bring juice for her. Ishika leaves, Dida asks why he doesn’t tell her the truth. Raghv says she gets so worried. Dida says he has to tell her the truth. Raghv promises to tell him tomorrow.
Huma makes Karma glutton. He thinks where he is caught. Huma says he wanted to catch her, now she will show him. She says he must stay away from her for sometime, he thanks God. Huma says he has to get ready, so that they can go out. She makes him to take breakfast.
Amar says Hi to Simmi, but this time Nil smiles and says ok, he may make fun. If she was here, he had to ask ten times Baby, what she will take. Simmi beats him and goes to sit on the opposite table. They all laugh, Sharon sits besides Swayam. Swayam leaves to take something from café. Simmi shouts watching lizard on Sharon’s shoulder. Rey removes it, as fake. Swayam comes and drinks his juice. Swayam says one must not perform any prank, if they can’t afford it. Swayam points at the photo’s incident, but Sharon denies. Sharon heads to leave. The girls follow Sharon. Sharon gets a gift, and says she is sure it is Swayam. The girls ask is she sure, as he is quite ignorant. Sharon wonders who else can it be.

PRECAP: A vendor brings flowers for Sharon, and points at Swayam that he sent them. Swayam says to Sharon that she didn’t understand him, she says this is what she is regretting.

Update Credit to: Sona

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