Dil Dosti Dance 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th April 2014 Written Update

Rey and Kriya were standing in the dancing hall, holding each other and look into each other’s eyes quietly. Kriya pushes Rey back, and moves back saying ‘Why are you behaving like this Rey? You distanced yourself from me before; I can’t allow you to do this again. Its better we stay away from each other.’

Vicky and Nil patch-up
Vicky and Nil were in the market. Nil suggests that they should have juice. Vicky stops there saying he will pay for his own. They sit on the chairs and drink their cold-drinks. Suddenly a boy came running and takes Vicky’s laptop with him. Nil and Vicky chase him, beat him hard and get the laptop back. Vicky asks Nil was he okay? He says yes I am okay and so is your laptop! Vicky stops for a moment, looks at him and then complains that he didn’t even call him once when he was away. Nil tells him he is not his girlfriend to call him daily. Vicky says you are taunting me again. They both hug each other. Simmi watches this.

Sharon was in the corridor thinking what Ruhi had said to blackmail her. Rey comes in her way. He asks ‘you okay?’ she says yes I am fine. Rey tells her that you don’t look fine. She asks him if they could sit in the cafeteria and talk. He agrees. She says she call Kriya too, but he tells her she won’t come.

Vicky and Nil were going through the sports ground. They remember how they used to look at girls here and got slapped by so many. Vicky says that these girlfriends always come in the way of friends. Nil starts to clarify about his and Simmi’s relationship when Simmi comes there. Vicky goes forward and says sorry to her for misbehaving with her for the past few days. He hugs him while she was still in the shock. Nil watches this and goes forward. Vicky announces that it is the Patch-up + Hug Day, and the three of them hug each other.

Sharon tells Rey Ruhi was blackmailing her.
Sharon tells Rey in the cafeteria that she is a bit scared. Rey was astonished asking ‘Sharon Rai Prakash! and Scared!’ He asks is it for what he had done or she had a fight with Swayam. She tells him it was something that can affect them at a larger scale. Ruhi has got to know about our secret and now she is blackmailing me. Rey tells her to keep Ruhi’s aside right now. He suggests her that she should pretend to fear her right now, so that she would not take many actions. Meanwhile he will fix this problem. Ruhi was sitting behind- listening all the conversation; she thinks that all the problems that will now come into your life will be created by me Sharon. Rey was telling Sharon to keep this issue in side, everything will be okay.

Swayam undo Sharon’s hair
Swayam was making a budget of the show on the board. He writes ‘Costume, music mac, menu…’ he thinks that this budget is exceeding their costs. Where will they get this much money? He looks at Sharon who was sitting on the chair. She asks what he was looking at. He says nothing and asks her about what she was thinking. She tells him she was thinking they used to manage it even earlier in the college budget by in-house materials. They can reuse the costumes and suggests Ruhi can refresh them for them. Nil can work on the CDs while Simmi can do the rest of shopping from the Wednesday discount market. Swayam tells her that she must be called a genius. She boasts that she was always a genius. She starts looking for something; he asks what she was finding. She says she just left a pencil here. He plucks the pencil from her hair undoing them. He says ‘this way…’ and thinks ‘look good’.

Amar and Bharat were doing dance practice while other group members were also present. VP comes from behind and asks what they were doing. Amar says ‘Musical!’ VP was shocked ‘Musical?’

PRECAP: Kriya tells Vicky they cannot let the budget run out. Rey repeats what she says and continues doing that until she gets irritated and asks what he was doing. He says he is doing just what she can see. She turns around and starts walking. He follows again and says I love you!

Update Credit to: Niki

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