Dil Dosti Dance 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th April 2013 Written Update

Shekhawat asks Rey about his career. Taani says he is just like the GS and praises Rey. Swayam and Sharon smirk, understanding what she’s doing. Sharon supports Taani. The gang comments that Sasur khush toh Rey exam mei pass They leave for dinner and Taani thanks tauji for all this and she’s really happy celebrating her bday with everyone. The girls, inside, look at boys with disgusting face as they pile food on their plates.

Shekhawat again asks Rey what he is as everyone else is a dancer. Rey is confused. Once again, Taani diverts the topic. Shekhwat indirectly continues to taunt Swayam… TO help Rey’s case, Sharon tells everyone they should leave but the gang refuses as they’re too busy eating. They eventually agree. Shekhawat tells Rey to stay behing and they’ll chit-chat but Taani says he’s very busy and he should go. Everyone leaves.

Outside, Sharon makes Rey the third-wheel and tells him to tell Swayam to control his anger. Rey turns to Swayam and asks ‘Suna?’ Swayam nods. He says he’ll try but Sharon says he’ll have to. Not just try. ANd if he doesn’t someone has decently told her that meditation helps. Swayam is smirking. Rey tells Sharon to just talk to each other. Sharon says he’s his friend. So he’ll listen to her. Rey asks and he won’t listen to you? Sharon looks away.

Taani comes next to Sharon and they remember the words said to each other. Sharon decides to leave but Taani stops her and thanks her for coming. Sharon says anytime. Everyone leave the house now.

While walking, the gang is talking about Swayam’s dad and everything. Neha now jealous of Rinni. Sharon drops the girls and Vicky says he’ll drop the boys when Sharon doesn’t offer lift to them.

Swayam leave Taani-Rey alone. Rey thanks Swayam for the surprise party as his party wouldn’t have made Taani as happy. Taani tells Rey she had really thought he forgot her birthday. Rey says impossible. She asks about the surprise planned by Rey. Rey says he’ll give her some other time.

Taani helps Swayam clean everything up. Swayam asks her why she wasn’t letting Rey speak up. Taani knows what he’s talking about. He asks her why lie? She says’s she only hiding the truth as she doesn’t want tauji to reject Rey without knowing him because they both know how much he hates dance. She tells him to promise her to not tell and make that her birthday gift. She tells him that for now, she simply wants to hide it and not worry about future. He tells her that someday Rey will tell papa that he’s a dancer. Then?

Uncle comes in and they think he heard it all. He comes to them in hitler mode, scaring both Taani and Swayam.

Precap: The team is refused the money and SwaRon say they have to hide it. The gang tells them that they’ll get the money anyhow.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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