Dil Dosti Dance 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon gets Huma by arm and says Fine! Complete your act and leave, you cant let your partner fail because of you. Huma says that you are so partial, you selected all the best students for your academy. Sharon says that you don’t have that dancing spirit, walking away from stage today proved me right. Huma stops her and asks who are you to judge my talent. Sharon says I am your senior and head of academy. Huma asks what about a face off right now. Swayam wants to stop her, but Sharon says done.
The dance begins. Sharon fells down half way in the dance, Huma gives hand to support her. Rey and everyone comes to her help. Sharon says she won by cheating, Raghv tells her to say sorry. Huma says it isn’t my mistake, you couldn’t judge your competitor’s move. Swayam goes after Sharon. Rey stops Huma. He says that whatever happened downstairs was wrong. She asks so the mistake was mine. He says honestly yes. Huma says that now I will get punished for misbehaving with the board of director’s mistake. Rey says that after 3 years we came to realize that one only laughs at the mistakes, why not smile today. He says why this out-burst if you not got selected only. She says sorry, he says he should say sorry to Sharon. She stops him, and says she wont tolerate her ordering behavior. He says that still she should say sorry to her, she asks should she do that. He says yes, and asks her to go.
Amar says sorry to the girls, who were frustrated by them. He tells them to beat them, they do. Vicky laughs at them.
Swayam makes up Sharon and asks why she is ruining her own mood. He says she is coming to say sorry. He takes her, they both confront. Huma says sorry, Sharon asks what? Rey keeps hand on her shoulder, she says sorry again and holds her hand. Swayam urges Sharon to take it, she does and leaves. Swayam is left in awe. He comes to stage and asks for applause. He begins to announce the results. He calls the chief guest of tonight, and calls Mrs. Avantika Rai Prakash on stage. He asks her to say a few words before announcing the results. She says she hopes you people are having a rocking time. She wishes them, and then asks for guesses for the winner. She opens the letter and announces the winner to be Raghv and Ishika. Ishika was shocked, Raghv takes her on stage. They celebrate their winning. Swayam announces the winners will also get Nokia Lumia 630 DS phones. Raghv says that there should be a picture from the new phone. Karma says had Ishika been her partner, he would have won.
Avantika announces that the St. Louis dance academy will send one deserving student New York each year. Huma is frustrated; she says that it will be on full scholarship.

PRECAP: They all perform a group dance. Swayam says that Huma is talented. He tells Huma that they have selected Huma. Sharon asks what? You people selected that girl?

Update Credit to: Sona

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