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Hi sissy’s.. how r u all? Here with next part. I’ll update my other FF’s soon. So let’s start.

guests arrived at ragini’s home. She was not in home that time. Shejan welcomed them.

Jan: come Anita ji, Anand ji welcome to our home. Amit, come in beta

They all sat in hall. Janki brings tea and snacks for them.

Jan: m happy that Amit liked our Ragini. We r lucky to have a SIL like Amit.

Anita: call Ragini. We shud ask her. If she says yes for this alliance means no problem from our side. Coz Amit liked her a lot. BTW wat she does?

Shejan remember her all pranks and kiddish behaviour for few seconds.

Jan: she completed her degree. Now she’s in home. She want to do job but we want her to b with us. Afterall after marriage she won’t get time for us.

Amit: where is she?

Shek: she has gone for her frnds home. I called her. She may come at anytime.

Just then they see a girl entered home in school dress. It was Ragini. Ragini happily jumping, singing coming in home. She didn’t notice guests.

Janki sees her like that and saw at guests who were also looking at her strangely. She goes near to Ragini.

Jan audible to rag: wat is this? Wat ubr doing in school dress?

Rag: smiling. Mom see how cute m looking in this dress. After many years I wore this.

Jan: Ragini this is not joking time. They came to see u.

Rag: excited. Wow. Who mom? Those?

She went Infront of them and did shake hands with all.

Rag: how I look? Specially in this dress. Nice na?

They looked at her weirdly.

Rag: wat?;y r u looking like this? Mom told u came to see me so I showed u my different dress. U r lucky that u r seeing me in school dress. Many r waiting to see my school pics to see me in school dress.

Trio stood. They looked at janki.

Anita: janki ji. I think ur daughter need treatment not marriage. Show her to a doctor.

They left. Ragini to janki.

Rag: mom. Y din’t u Tel me that they came for marriage? U just told they came to see me.

Jan: it means u r ready for marriage?

Rag: he he no way. I wud have asked questions to him like actors ask in movies. I missed that chance.

She left for her room singing song.

Jan: shekhar. Pls do something of this girl.

His neighbour comes that time. He advised them to send Ragini someplace where she can become and behave like serious. He gave them address and said visit and decide abt Ragini’s future. Saying so he left.


A guy comes out of home and sits in car. He calls some one.

Guy: jai. Whr r u? Whr is the driver. Have u seen the time.

Jai: m rite here sir.
He comes and sits in front seat. Driver also comes and starts driving.

Guy: u already know that I’ve an appointment and I’ve to b on time. Being my PA, is this the way to handle everything?

Jai: sry sir. But the reason for this u also know that I get continues call of other company managers for ur appointment. In handling that.. ufff it’s really tough. After all they won’t get appointment so easily with the great buiseness man sanskar maheshwari.

The guy is sanskar.

San: jai. I asked u only one simple question. U wud have answered in a single sentence but u, always bak bak. I don’t like this. But u won’t change.

Jai smiles: that’s confirmed.

Both smiled. Jai came for job of PA. As time passed he became close to sanskar. Both share friendly bond too.

They reached company. Sanskar always maintain discipline. How much work only that much talk. He doesn’t talk too much and he doesn’t people who talks much unnecessary. Only he bears Jai’s talks.

Evng they’re back to mansion. There he found all gathered at hall with few two extra guest.

Suj: sanskar come. Let me introduce u my friend. She’s janki. My school friend. After many years we met in a mall today. He’s shekhar.her husband.

He takes blessings from them.

Suj: sanskar I want a help from u.

San: tell mom.

Suj: janki has a daughter. She has completed her graduation. Janki wants her to work with u like PA.

Jai: (dramatically) kya. Meri Naukri khatre me?

Suj: shut up dramebaaz. Not permanent. Just for practice. She’ll help jai.

San: smiles. Mom it’s abt ur friendship. Of course she can join. Aunty tell her to join tmrw only.

He was moving to his room. Janki stopped him.

Jan: beta. Actually she’s little bit naughty.

Jai: don’t wry aunty. If she joins us, she’s forget naughtiness.

San: he’s rite. Don’t wry. I’ll handle everything.

After having some talk shejan left from there.

Jan: I hope sanskar will make everything rite.

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