Dil ding dong ding dole – Ragsan 7 (last)

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Here with last part of this story….

Sanskar seeing scratches.

San: I like her. Also her antics. But not like this. How to tell her that I started to love her. Her mom believes me. If she comes to know abt it. Then their friendship breaks. But does she love me?


Next morning Ragini was getting ready happily as usual singing song.

Rag: I’ll confess my feelings today.

She tears those list where she written boy’s names.

Rag: now no need of this. I found my love.

She goes to maheshwari mansion. She saw everything decorated there.

Rag: Wats happening here?

She saw Sujata.

Rag: sanky mom. Wats going on here?

Suj: sanskar’s engagement.

Rag: wat? Today? So soon?

Suj: suddenly it happened and we decided.

Rag: sanky agreed?

Suj: yes.

She went from there.

Rag: it means sanky doesn’t love me? But I saw care in his eyes for me. Then how he agreed to get engaged with other girl? I’ll talk to him.

She goes to his room. She saw him selecting dress for him.

San: Ragini. U came? Pls help me in selecting dress.

Ragini slowly goes near and looks at him and dress.

San: wat? Select.

Ragini takes one sherwani and keeps on him to see whether it suits him or not. She was doing slowly with sad face. Sanskar was observing this.

San in mind: I know Ragini that u also love me. Pls tell me that u love me. I can’t tell first as it matters friendship of our moms. But if u tell first then I’ll handle everything.


Previous nite sujata comes to sanskar.

Suj: sanskar I got a girl for u.

San: ??

Suj: I mean I want u to marry her.

San: mom Wats this suddenly?

Suj: sry for this sudden decision. But …..

She became sad.

San: mom wat happened? Tell me.

Suj: sanskar. I was going to market. While driving accident happened coz of me. In another a couple and their daughter were there. That couple died.

San: wat? When? Y didn’t u tell me before?

Suj: I don’t want you to get in trouble. That girl is very nice. She told police that it was her parents mistake. She saved me. But now….

San: now wat?

Suj: her aunt and uncle want to file case against me. They came to know that we r rich. They want money from us.

San: then we will give money to them.

Suj: I also thought that only. But that girl said her aunt and uncle r very greedy. They’ll b behind us taking money again and again.

San: then?

Suj: ur dad’s friend is there in police department. He told me that to get that girl to marry u. If she became DIL of this home then no one can do anything. So I decided this beta. I hope u understand.

San in mind: but I love Ragini mom. But I can’t let u get arrest.

After thinking sometime sanskar agreed.

FB ends

Ragini choose one dress.

Rag in mind: pls sanky. Give any hint so that u can know whether u love me or not.

Sujata comes with girl inside room.

Suj: ragsan. This is swara. Sanskar’s fiancé.

Ragini congratulates her and comes out of room. She gets teary eyed.

Rag: first time m crying sanky. I never thought that I wud b in love with you. But I want to live with u.

Evng all guests arrived. Engagement happened. Both ragsan were looking at eachother.

Ragini left from there.


Ragini stopped going maheshwari mansion. Sanskar’s marriage date get fixed.

Ragini was crying in her room. Janki comes.

Jan: y r u crying beta.

Rag: mom I love sanky. I can’t see him getting married to other girl.

Jan: y didn’t u tell him then?

Rag: I was about to Tel but before that only his engagement fixed. I think he doesn’t love me. If he loves me he wud have not said yes to marry her.

Janki consoles her.


Marriage day comes. Unwantedly Ragini goes with her parents.

Suj: Ragini beta pls make swara ready.

Rag: ok sanky mom.

She to bride room. Saw swara getting ready. She started to help her.

Swa: u love sanskar rite?

Ragini gets shocked by her words.

Rag: no nothing like that.

Swa: don’t lie Ragini. I know the truth. Even sanskar loves u.

Rag: wat?

Swa: yes.

I came to know this with help of laksh.

Laksh enters that time.

Rag: u can’t enter bride room like this.

Lak: I know. I came here to tell u abt sanskar’s love.

Rag: if he loves me, then y din’t he tell.

Lak: he has fear that ur and my mom’s friendship will break so he agreed for marriage. Now u go and tell ur love for him.

Rag: but swara ….

Swa: don’t wry. We thought everything. Then only we called u here. I started to like laksh after engagement. He too lives me. I don’t want to cheat sanskar. Then I came to know that u both love eachother.

Ragini gets happy. She twirls both swalak.

Rag: u made me happy. Sanky. Now see wat Wil I do.

In other room sanskar was getting ready sadly.

Suj: sanskar come. Pandit ji is calling.

He comes and stands beside swara.

Lak: stop pandit ji. Mom I and swara love eachother.

All get shocked.

Swa: yes aunty. I don’t want to cheat sanskar so me and laksh thought to tell u.

At one side sanskar gets happy.

San: thanku god.

Swalak marriage starts. Sanskar was standing. He was searching for Ragini. But dint find anywhere.

Swalak marriage happened.

Sanskar started to go from there.

Suj: where r u going sanskar? Still ur marriage has to do.

San: ??

Suj: yes.

San: but girl..

Just then he heard someone singing song. He turned and saw Ragini holding Mike.

Rag: I know m a bad singer. But sanky I knew that u read my diary.

She started singing.

‘tere ishq ki deewanagi
Sir pe Chad k bole,

Tune kya Kiya, ye kya hua,
Dil ding dong ding dole,
Dil ding dong ding dole’

Sanskar smiles widely. Ragini ran to him and hugged him.

San: finally.

Rag: yes finally.

San: I love u.

Rag: I love u too.

All clapped seeing them like this.

Suj: so will u both marry or want to stand like this?

Ragsan: no no. We will marry.

All laughs. Both blushed.

Both get married. They take blessings of all.

Both go to home temple and prays. They hold each other hand.

Rag: promise me. U won’t leave me.

San: I won’t only on one condition.

Rag: wat?

San: u won’t sing that song again.

She glares, he smiles.

Both hug lovingly.

……….the end………….

Hope u liked this as.
Here this ss finished. Thanks for reading and liking this story.

Love you all ?????

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