Dil ding dong ding dole – Ragsan 6

Hi sissy’s. Here with next part. M really sry as m not able to reply for ur comments individually. Holding ears. Sry coz I got busy in my schedule. So it’s getting little late to post. Today I posted two stories. Remaining also I’ll try to post today itself. Keep telling ur views. Don’t think m ignoring by not replying. It just coz my work. Well it’s enough of my lecture. Let’s start

Ragini is sitting on sofa watching TV in sanskar’s home. Laksh was sitting on a chair which is little far from Ragini holding lappy. Suddenly Ragini started laughing loudly. Laksh gets scared and lappy was abt to fall but he holds at rite time.

Lak: wat happened?

Rag: nothing. M seeing cartoon. Shinchan. My favourite ( my fav too?). Come let’s see.

Lak: m a big boy. I don’t like cartoons. U enjoy.

Rag murmured: don’t know to enjoy.

Lak: uff… This girl na. Everyday she comes and does something. Don’t know how her parents bear her. No use of telling anything.

Sujata comes keeps some snacks and sweets on table.

Suj: I forgot juice. Just a second I’ll bring.

She left. Ragini started seeing all types of snacks and sweets. She saw a different sweet in sweets plate.

Sujata comes with juice.

Rag: sanky mom. Which kind of sweet is this? M seeing it first time. I’ve tasted all kind of sweets in this city but dint see this one.

Suj: this is specially made for sanskar. It’s his fav. His one best friend knows to make sweet. One time sanskar ate and liked a lot. So only for sanskar he prepares and sends as he’s in other city.

Rag: wow. Then I must taste this.

Laksh stood up staring her.

Lak: Bhai never share this with anyone. Not with mom too. And she’s gonna eat. I’ll call Bhai.

But at that time sanskar already holded ragini’s hand when she’s abt to keep sweet in mouth.

Rag: wat r u doing? Let me eat.

San like kid: it’s my fav. U can’t eat. I never share this with anyone.

Rag: but now it’s in my hand. So I’ll eat.

San: no. U can’t.

Both started to fight like kids. Sujata and laksh were seeing this with thier mouth open.

Lak: mom. Bhai was always used to b serious. But wat m seeing now. He’s behaving like kid.

Suj: m also shocked.

While there fight Ragini forcabily takes sweet by making little scratch on his hand with her nails.

San: ouch. Wat u did idiot girl.

Rag eats full in mouth. And speaking while eating only.

Rag: But it was only option left.

San: it’s paining now.

Rag: don’t worry. Come I’ll apply cream.

She takes cream and makes him sit and starts to apply. Sujata gets happy seeing them like this. She gets call and goes from there. Laksh was still standing there.

Lak: she’s only giving pain and she’s only applying medicine. Kya ladki hai. Unique piece.

Rag sees him.

Rag: laksh. Y r u standing there. Come and have sweets. They’re tasty.

Lak: I don’t want scratch on my hand. M going. Bye.

He left. Rag laughs. Sanskar was staring her and lost in her doings. The way she was making faces while applying cream was making him fall for her.

Rag: done. That mark Wil go soon.

She was abt to go.

San: don’t u think u r forgetting something.

Rag thinks: nothing.

San: yes. U r.

Rag: no.

San: don’t u think u shud say sry for this?

Rag: no. Coz if I wud have not then u wud have done like this to me.

San: wat? I don’t have nails like u.

Rag: but u have sharp teeth. Wat if u bite me?

Sanskar was shocked abt her thinking.

San: m not animal to bite. I don’t need ur sry. Go from here rite now.

Rag: ok. Meet u tmrw.

Laksh was hearing this from far and suppressing his laugh. When she left he goes to sanskar.

Lak: Bhai. Till now I never thought abt this.

San: wat?

Lak: that u have sharp teeth.

He started to laugh. Sanskar throws pillow on him. He ran away.

After a while sanskar goes near mirror to keep cream. He saw himself in mirror. He smiled and saw his teeth.

San: idiot sanskar wat r u doing? She’s telling anything and u r believing.


Ragini in her room lying on bed.

Rag: sry sanky. But u were looking very cute. I love u.

She suddenly sits.

Rag: wat did I say. I love u. First time I said I love u. Yeah it means m in love with sanky. ( She keeps her finger on her chin) wat abt him? Wait. Y m worrying. M bindass Ragini. Tmrw I’ll go and directly Tel him that I love him. He must be happy that Ragini is loving him hehe. My cutie sanky.

Hope u din’t get bored by this part.

Ignore spelling mistake as I wrote fast.

Love you all ????

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