Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 7

Episode starts with Virat still lost in Manvi’s thoughts. The thoughts are broken when Adi enters with a noise

Virat: Adi…dheere se…

Adi holds his ear in apology
Adi: Sorry bhai

Virat: Its ok..how was the freshers?

Adi: Splendid. I really loved it a lot

Adi yawns out loud

Virat: You sound sleepy..get rest

Adi: Aap?

Virat: I have a special lecture so have to prepare for it

Adi: The same college?

Virat nods

Adi: Anything so important?

Virat: Nothing like that..go sleep

Adi runs to his room. Virat’s face has a huge smile as Manvi’s thoughts come back. The scene freezes

Vadhera Office

Jeevika enters to see Neha and Rishabh discussing something deeply

Jeevika: Whats happening guys?

Neha: Tanya has a replacement today. Someone else is com..

Before she could complete a girl enters following Jenny. Jenny clears her throat to grab the attention

Jenny: Guys meet Radhika the new intern in place of Tanya

All eyes turn to the girl standing there in front of them. Radhika gets uncomfortable as she realises that several pairs of eyes are staring at her. Arjun enters the spot and sees an uncomfortable Radhika

Arjun: Enough of staring guys..all head to the conference room.
At once everyone start to move from there. Radhika lifts her head up to see Arjun who is staring at her. As soon as his stare gets caught Arjun turns to Jeevika

Arjun: Jeevika lets go..its time for the presentation

Jeevika nods and follows Arjun. Radhika tails behind Neha and Rishabh who are following Jeevika. The scene freezes


Manvi and her friends are chattering. Suddenly the class grows silent as Virat enters along with the principal

Principal: Virat sir is here for a special class for you guys. Do cooperate

Manvi frowns on that but her heartbeat has started to rise. Manvi realises it and gets confused. The class begins and throughout the entire session Virat’s eyes are on Manvi. Though she feels strange initially she too starts to like it. It feels like being in a new world for her. Her stomach has butterflies and she feels goosebumps. Virat on the other hand feels breathless on seeing her but is unable to take his off her too. Both are confused regarding their feelings.

Did they over come it? Aahhh not so early…later episodes will have the answer



Adi Pankhuri and Payal are in the canteen. Rubel comes nearby to meet Payal but on seeing Adi he walks off

Pankhuri: Adi whats the story between you and Rubel?

Adi: Pankhuri..

Latika: Ill tell you

They turn to see Latika behind them

Adi: Tum?

Latika: Haan mein

Adi: Oh come on Latika. Leave na

Latika: Im sorry Adi for..

Adi: No thanks for breaking the friendship and I need no more of you

Latika: Adi I did not

Adi: Latika I know you..and what you dream wont happen. Do leave

Latika frowns and leaves

Payal: Adi whats between you guys..tell na

Pankhuri: Haan Adi please

Adi: Okay…okay…Ill tell …





  1. Jasminerahul

    Virat is lost in manvi.sweet.radhika’s entry was surprising.virat staring at manvi in the class n manvi also enjoying it was romantic .was latika genuinely saying sorry?waiting to know the past.perfect pics. Missed virika

  2. Please update it regularly. All my favii’s are hre

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