Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 6

Viren and Jeevika reach office. Jeevika follows Viren as he speeds off into the office. She spots Neha and Rishabh and goes to them

Rishabh: How was the visit?

Jeevika: Too many things happened. Ill tell you later. Its time for work

Neha: As you say leader

They get into work and speed through it. Tanya is strolling here and there. Jenny spots her

Jenny: Dont you have any other work?

Tanya: Hena Viren sir ko pyar karna..to kiss him to make him fall for me

Just then Arjun enters

Arjun: Ms Tanya dont live in a dream world. Just get to work. Tanya gets to work without a word

Viren comes out after sometime. He goes to Jeevika

Viren: Is the work over Ms.Arora?

Jeevika: Yeah sir

She shows her system

Viren: Impressive. You are presenting it tomorrow

Jeevika is stunned. Viren goes back into his cabin

Arjun comes to Jeevika

Arjun: Wow Jeevika you are among the brightest I guess. Sir is really impressed by your work thats why he gave a chance for you to present. Congratulations

Neha: Wow our friend’s first success. We have to celebrate. Shouldn’t we Rishabh?

Rishabh: Of course

They drag her to Coffee shop in the office building. Tanya is irritated by all this. She goes to sabotage Jeevika’s system . The scene freezes

Its College . Interval time

Adi: Pankhuri tonight it’s freshers . Im so excited woohoo

Pankhuri: Your excitement makes me excited too.

Pankhuri: I guess I should introduce you to another friend from another department of course

Adi: You said…

Pankhuri: I got to know that she is here through papa now only..then I contacted her. She is also from Kullu

Adi: Great yaar

Pankhuri and Adi go to the department

Pankhuri: Payal

Payal hugs Pankhuri

Pankhuri: Payal he is Aditya my friend. Adi this is Payal

Payal: Nice to meet you Adi

Adi: Same here. By the way ready for freshers?

Payal: I hope so

They have a good time. Latika watches them from a distance .The scene freezes

Vadhera Office

Jeevika Rishabh and Neha are enjoying their coffee and chat over random stuff. Jeevika tell about the happenings at the site

Rishabh: A nice romantic moment if you had been a couple

Neha: They do look like one

Jeevika: Oh shut up Neha. Viren sir hates love according to Arjun

Rishabh: Why would someone hate love?

Neha: He may have his own reasons. Now lets get back

They get back to work and Jeevika is shocked

Jeevika: Riishhhabh

Rishabh: What happened?

Jeevika: My file is lost

Jeevika starts to cry. Arjun runs to her

Arjun: What happened?

Rishabh: Sir woh

Arjun: Woh..?

Jeevika tells him

Arjun: Dont panic. We will get a back up. Neha and Rishabh will you do a favour?

Neha : Of course sir

Arjun: Go and check the CCTV footage to know who did this

Jeevika: Who did means?

Arjun: Oh come on Jeevika you are not a fool to delete your own file knowing that you have to present tomorrow.

Neha: We will go at once

Arjun: Take Jenny too

Arjun sits at the system and plunges into the backup process

Sometime later

Arjun: Done..I have retrieved it

Jeevika: Thank you so much Arjun

Arjun: Arrey Jeevika its my duty

Neha and Rishabh get back with Jenny and a pendrive

Arjun: Found out?

Rishabh: Haan

Arjun: Who?

Neha: Tanya

Arjun: Undoubtedly

Arjun walks to Tanya

Arjun: I dont think you deserve your internship anymore

Tanya: What?

Arjun: Tanya the truth is out in the open now. We have proof that you sabotaged Jeevika’s work.

Tanya: Haan I did so what? Your boss has fallen for my looks he wont send me away

Arjun: Lets hear from his mouth

Neha to Rishabh as a whisper: She did not change after your slap and after Viren sir supported her being slapped

Viren gets furious knowing it

Viren: Miss Tanya as Arjun said you don’t deserve this internship anymore. We wont be given any credits to your cv too

Tanya: Sir I love you and thats y

Viren: Now your cv will contain what you did in written. You are unfit for any job and Vadhera company will brand it. Guards throw her out

Tanya is dragged out as she resists to leave.

Neha : Oh my God..what a reaction after hearing I love you

Rishabh: I guess he over reacted

Jeevika: Its her fault too. From first day she is trying to hit on him

Neha: Why are we talking about her? Jeevika you need to present tomorrow. Lets get into work

They get busy and scene freezes.

It’s evening and everyone get ready for freshers

Payal enters the venue in a stunning outfit of the retros. Pankhuri and Adi enter behind her. Rubel too comes there but Latika is missing

Adi: Rubel where is Latika?

Rubel: You left her after getting new friends. Why do you bother?

Adi : He will never change

Adi takes Pankhuri and Payal with him and they seat themselves. His friends Bunny and Vicky come to him. They have a good time

Host: Why dont we have a performance from the audience. The party lights will go on and the persons above whose heads the lights stop should perform

The lights go and stop at Rubel and Payal. They hesitate but the host drags them to stage

Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

You have already stolen my heart

Nazar nahin churaana sanam

Do not steal glances

Badalke meri tum zindagaani

Having changed my life

Kahin badal na jaana sanam

Do not change a bit, sweetheart

Oh, le liya dil, oh haai mera dil

Oh, you took my heart, oh my heart

Rubel is lost in the looks of Payal as if the lyrics match his state.Payal pulls him to dance as he is lost

Haai dil lekar mujhko na behlaana

Oh, taking my heart don’t humor me

Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

You have already stolen my heart

Nazar nahin churaana sanam

Do not steal glances

Badalke meri tum zindagaani

Having changed my life

Kahin badal na jaana sanam

Do not change a bit, sweetheart

(Bahaar banke aaoon kabhi tumhaari duniya mein

Becoming spring I will come sometime in your world

Guzar na jaaye yeh din kahin isi tamanna mein

May this day not pass in just this wish

Tum mere ho, ho tum mere ho

You are mine, you are mine

The crowd cheers for them.

Payal runs to Adi and Pankhuri

Adi: Woah yaar Payal you even made that sadu dance. Great

Pankhuri: Whats your past huh Adi?

Adi: Ill tell it later. Lets enjoy now

After few other performances the lights stop on Adi and Pankhuri. They get on stage

haae re haae

ye mere hath me tera hath, nae jazbat

meri jaan balle balle

oe oe hoe oe oe oe, haae re haae

yahi jazbat rahe din raat, to phir kya baat

meri jaan balle balle

o oe hoe oe oe oe

o o oe, jab se dil me teri tasvir bani hai

yun lagata hai jaise taqadir bani hai

o o oe, jab se tu is dil kaa mehaman hua hai

jivan me khushiyo kaa saaman hua hai

jitani dur nazar mai daalun chaaro or bahar hai, haae re haae

yahi jazbaat rahe din raat meri jaan balle balle

oe oe hoe oe oe oe

As they finish there is huge round of applause. Pankhuri gets so happy as her eyes see the happiness of Adi.

Arora House

Manvi is muttering something when Jeevika enters .

Jeevika: What happened?

Manvi: Nothing di

Jeevika: You cant hide from me mannu

Manvi tells about the fight with Virat

Jeevika: Leave it Mannu. Many fools are like that. Come Ill make your favourite dish

Manvi is unable to get over Virat

Similarly Virat is in his room thinking of Manvi. Love has slowly crept inside him that too in the second meet. He feels strange as his thoughts are adamant to come out of Manvi.


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    Tanya is unbearable. Liked arjun helping jeevika.glad that Tanya got exposed n viren fired her.payal rubel dance n rubel lost in her was romantic. Adikhuri dance was cute.wow even virat is falling for manvi.nice pics

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