Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 5

Next day Jeevika reaches the office. She meets Jenny at the reception 

Jenny: Jeevika you have to visit the site with sir today. Your team will stay back

Jeevika: By which means?

Jenny: You will go with Arjun

Jeevika: Arjun?

Arjun comes with a huge grin

Arjun: Did I hear my name?

Jenny: Arjun this is Jeevika Arora..the

Arjun: I heard about you mam. Nice to meet you

They shake hands

Viren comes there

Viren: Are you ready for the field visit?

Arjun and Jeevika nod

Viren: Then lets leave

They leave and the scene freezes 

Manvi is in the bus stop. A car speeds near her and stops as if it hits her. Manvi gets angry

Manvi: Oiii kon hai andar? Will you kill or what? Get down coward

The driver and Virat get down

Virat: Tum?

Manvi: Haan mein..is this how you drive?

Virat: Is this how you stand in the bus stop? The stopping is there and you are standing on the road where the car goes

Manvi: So what is your driver blind? Cant he see me standing?

Virat: Acha Acha nothing happened right

Manvi: If it had hit?

Virat: It did not right

The bus comes. Manvi stares virat and enters the bus. The scene freezes with Virat impressed with her.

The site

Viren Jeevika and Karan are busy with the survey works

Viren: Ms Arora take a good look to prepare the plan

Jeevika looks around. She walks behind and gets to the road. Viren sees a speeding truck there and pulls Jeevika closer. She hugs him in fright by the sound of the speeding truck

Seconds  later they move apart

Jeevika: Sorry sir woh

Viren: I understand. Be careful 

Viren walks away. Jeevika leaves a deep sigh. Arjun notices this

Arjun: Thank God he reacted normally

Jeevika: Why?

Arjun: He hates love and ..you know

Jeevika: Hmm

They get back to work . The scene freezes 


Pankhuri is in the canteen. There comes Latika with a guy

Guy: Hello babe..wanna come on a date?

Pankhuri walks away. 

Latika: Be careful Rubel. Adi may shout

Rubel: Acha…

Just then Adi comes

Adi: Hey Rubel..hey Latika

Rubel walks off. Latika follows him

Pankhuri: You know him?

Adi: My once friend not now

Pankhuri : Why?

Adi: Its a boring story. I have something else for you now

Pankhuri: Whats it?

Adi takes out a box and gives her. She is surprised to see a saree

Pankhuri: Saree?

Adi: No no..our retro costume for Freshers. I have mine too

Pankhuri: Adi why do you?

Adi: Oh come on Pankhuri. Dont be so formal

He takes her by her hand and they go to the classroom. 


Arjun: Sir I have to meet the clients. I will take your leave

Viren: Okay..

Arjun: Jeevika shall I drop you and?

Jeevika: You will be late. You go Ill take the bus

Viren: No need of bus. You can come in my car

Viren and Jeevika get into his car and they leave. There is an awkward silence throughout the journey. Arjun’s words ring in Jeevika’s ears but she is unable to take her eyes off him


  1. Amazing episode . Do try updating regular. Waiting for the next episode.

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Mahikagaur ❤️❤️ Ill try my best dear

  2. Jasminerahul

    Surprised to see aham as arjun.will there be triangle or will a new girl come for arjun?is rubel trying to flirt with pankhuri.will he be after pankhuri always or will he have another love interest?adi pankhuri dress scene was nice.virman silly fight was funny.after the fight too virat is impressed with manvi.didnt expect it.viren saving jeevika n hug was lovely.why viren doesn’t believe in love?Nice pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Aham will have a new pair ❤️ And Rubel’s love interest will be revealed very soon 🥰🥰The reason for Viren not believing in love will be revealed very soon dear

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