Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 4

Hey all here is next episode. Hope you like it

Tanya is slapped and she turns to see Rishabh

Rishabh: How dare you speak to her like that?

Hearing the commotion Viren rushes out

Tanya: Sir..sir.he slapped me..punish him sir

Jeevika: But sir..

Viren: Im not blind here … do you think I am a fool?

Jeevika is shocked 

Viren: Miss.Tanya I very well know your behaviour so Rishabh cannot be wrong

Jeevika leaves a sigh of relief as he warns Tanya. The scene freezes 

Jeevika returns home and sees and injured Manvi.

Jeevika: Mannu…what happened?

Manvi: Nothing di..just a small injury

Jeevika: Cant you be careful? Always careless idiot

Manvi: Sorry na..by the way how was your first day?

Jeevika: Terrific Mannu..ab chal Ill get fresh

Jeevika walks in when Manvi gets thoughts of Virat. She ignores them and enjoys her favourite program. The scene freezes 

Deewan Mansion

Virat enters

Purshottam: Congratulations Virat Beta..Im so happy for you

Adi hugs him

Adi: Congratulations bhaiya

They have a small celebration. Adi gets a message from college 

Message: Freshers theme is Retro

Adi: Woohooo we are having freshers and theme is Retroo….wooohoooooo

Virat: Enjoy mera bhai

Adi goes to his room and calls Pankhuri

Pankhuri: Adi?

Adi: Did I disturb you?

Pankhuri: No no I was watching The Comedy show

Adi: Dad’s show?

Pankhuri: Is he your dad?

Adi: Haan..

Pankhuri: I like this show a lot

Adi: Oh wow..ill tell dad for sure..and now I called to share the excitement 

Pankhuri: What excitement?

Adi: Freshers yaar…the theme is retro..it will be fun

Pankhuri: Achaa

Adi: Arrey yaar Pankhuri dont be so boring..its going to be so much fun

Pankhuri is surprised at his enthusiasm. The scene freezes 


  1. Jasminerahul

    so rishab slapped Tanya n not even viren supported her😁adi pankhuri scene was cute.excited for the fresher’s party. lovely pics

    1. Sai07

      Hey Jasmine ❤️❤️ Happy that you liked Adi Pankhuri scenes ❤️❤️. Thank you so much dear 😍

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