Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 1

Hello guys here is first episode. Hope you will like it. This will be updated weekly once

Episode starts

The Vadhera House is shown. Viren walks down the stairs and touches the feet of his Dadaji

Harvinder: Viren make sure that this tender doesn’t go to Deewans even if we dont get it

Viren: Sure Dadu. Im getting late bye

Shalini: Viren breakfast?

Viren: Ill have it after the tender meeting bua. Bye

Viren rushes out and gets into his car. Harvinder and Shalini feel so proud of him.

Arora House 

Jeevika: Mannu get up…get up soon

Manvi: Di I have college at 10 am only let me sleep

Jeevika pulls off the blanket and thus makes Manvi get up

Jeevika: Did you forget that today is my first day at internship?
Manvi: Arrey haan sorry..all the best di

Manvi hugs Jeevika and then dozes off. Jeevika giggles and comes out

Mom: Jeevika are you done with your sister lucky charm . Now hurry up you are getting late

Jeevika hops on her bike and leaves for office.

Deewan Mansion

Purshottam and Aditya are playing badminton when Virat comes out

Virat : Dadaji Im leaving for the tender meeting

Adi: All the best bhai

Purshottam: All the best beta. Let the best man win and may you be the best.
Avantika: Virat is the best dad
Virat: It is all because of you Bua

Virat leaves while Sheela looks upon.

Avantika: Adi aren’t you getting late?

Adi: Few minutes mom Ill beat Nanu and come

Harish: Avantika whats this?

Avantika: Whats what?

Harish: This tea? Where is my usual tea?

Avantika: Harish you need to control your eating habits for your health. This is good for your health.

Harish frowns and has the tea while Adi jumps with joy after winning the game.

Gupta House

Ambika: Pankhuri …Pankhuri beta

Pankhuri who is getting ready runs down on hearing the voice

Pankhuri: Maa did you call me?

Ambika: Haan..your lunch is ready and its time for your college bus

Pankhuri grabs her lunch and leaves in a hurry.
Govardhan: How big has she grown now. I still remember her first day in college

Ambika: For you she will always be small bhaiya

Govardhan nods with a smile.


  1. Zingo

    Hi, dear. As usual, actually we are finished with the words only. You write interesting ffs that one can’t even grab the words to comment. I am lazy. Now, if you write like this ffs, then I have to forget about my laziness and comment. 😂😅. First I have to login and then comment. But I can’t stop myself from commenting.😥. As usual, this ff will gonna rock and will surely cross more than 100 episodes. Actually, I haven’t watched Ishqbaaz or EHMBH. But coming to your ff, I am gaining lots of interest in your ff. I read one comment in which someone wrote that you should get best director award or something like that. And do you know? I totally agree with her😎😎. I came to know it very shortly that LMLB was your first ff. And I was surprised after knowing it. Because anyone couldn’t write amazing in first attempt. There are many writers in TU who had first attempts successful. But you were one of the special. Oh My God. Comment is going too long. Now I should finish it. So Thank You For Giving us Special FFS.
    Thank You

    1. Sai07

      Hey Zingo ❤️❤️Awww these words literally flattered me 🤩🤩. I completely understand as Im Lazy too 😜Thank you so much for wishes dear 🤩🙏🏻🙏🏻Thank you so much for all those wonderful words and wishes . Its so special and has made my day literally way better ❤️❤️❤️. Its a pleasure dear 😇😇. Most welcome my dear.

  2. The episode is wonderful . waiting for next one.

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Mahikagaur

  3. Radhakrishn

    All the leads entry was nice. Will be waiting for the next part

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Radhakrishn

  4. Jasminerahul

    Manvi jeevika bonding is cute.Harish Avantika scene was hilarious.Pankhuri’s intro was nice.First day in college or school?perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Very happy that you liked Manvi Jeevika bonding Harish Avantika scene and Pankhuri intro. It is school dear sorry for typos😔

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